UP Magazine's 2022 Editors' Choice List

Written by UP Mag Staff

Here at UP, we chase the wildest, strangest, and most heart-filled stories out there, but there were a few that stuck out to us this year.

Among this year’s crop, we had a few international stories, featuring artists from Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece and more. Plus, a few up-and-coming artists making a name for themselves in the art scenes as well as a few established artists, taking their careers in new directions. Thanks for reading with us this year. For all the setbacks 2022 presented, we’re happy to have been able to share with some of these incredible artistic stories!

From Iconographer to Muralist – a Glimpse into the Life of SimpleG from Greece

By Rebecca Hall // Published April 4, 2022

Introducing SimpleG, a unique street artist in Greece who takes underserved neighborhoods in Athens and brings his art to them.


Infographic: Anatomy of a New York Mailbox

By Alyona Uvarova // Published October 8, 2022

A visual exploration of the different stories that brought sticker artists from all over the world together on a USPS mailbox on a New York street corner.

Chris Haven, The Smile of Denver’s Walls

By Emma Riva // Published April 14, 2022

Learn about the life and work of Chris Haven, a Denver-based graffiti artist, musician, and skateboarder whose signature pyramid character reminds Denver residents to take care of themselves, have a sense of humor, and keep smiling.

Mesmerizing Gaze: EyeAntic

By T.K. Mills // Published July 14, 2022

The illusive artist Eyeantic reveal’s her creative origins, discussing with UP the nuances between fine art and graffiti, and the power of twin flames.

An American in Paris: Street Art With a SMiLE

By J. Scott Orr // Published October 10, 2022

Boulder stencil artist SM1LE is one of a very few American artists to take his practice to Paris and to be accepted into Parisian street art circles.

Reclaiming Spaces To Spark Imaginations: An Encounter with Radical Playground 

By Noah Daly // Published March 31, 2022

Noah examines how one European art collective is bringing a whimsical revolution to the streets of Lisbon, Genova, Bruxelles, and more: Meet Antoine Caramalli’s Radical Playground.

Doodles & Emotions: Daphney Estrada

By T.K. Mills // Published August 8, 2022

T.K. interviews up-and-coming artist Daphney Estrada about finding her style, the anxieties of painting in front an audience, and developing your passion organically.

eL Seed, The Master of Calligrafiti

By Melissa Chemam // Published October 31, 2022

French and Tunisian artist eL Seed  started using his distinctive Arabic “calligraffiti” style on walls about twenty years ago, to spread the message of peace andHis artwork can now be found all over the world, consistently aiming at unifying communities and redressing stereotypes. He started breakdancing and graffiti-ing in the late 1990s, and wanted to mix urban arts and graffiti.

Celebrating the Creativity and Uniqueness of EWE: Q&A with Little Ricky Sencion

By Alexandria Deters // Published January 6, 2022

Los Angeles based queer artist LittleRicky001 aka SHEEP, known for his street art featuring his alter-ego of a fashionable hot pink sheep discusses life, art, coming out, and staying upbeat with Alexandria Deters. “Vulnerability is our freedom. When we have nothing to protect or defend ourselves from, we’re free to be,” he expressed.

Jonathan Shannon: Reverse Reality

By Tyler Bruett // Published March 7, 2022

Multimedia artist Jonathon Shannon talks all things art and life with UP staff writer Tyler Bruett, from getting kicked out of bars to painting in Central Park. Shannon’s new series, Reverse Reality, explores the complex and nuanced artistic philosophy he’s developed across his varied career.

Melissa Schainker: Hands as the Window to the Soul 

By Miranda Levingston // Published October 10, 2022

Fine artist and street artists Melissa Schainker uses unconventional gestures and dreamlike colors to create a landscape for the darker sides of life that we as a society “suck at talking about.”

At WCC, A Solo Show for Monsieur Le Rat 

By J. Scott Orr, Photography by Daryl-Ann Saunders // Published August 19, 2022

J. Scott Orr profiles the storied career of legendary French stencil artist Blek le Rat, with an exclusive interview & preview of the work for Blek’s new solo show at West Chelsea Contemporary, opening Saturday August 20th.

MushArcana: The Metamorphosis of Butterfly Mush

By Vittoria Benzine // Published June 27, 2022

UP Mag catches up with Butterfly Mush about her newest artistic venture, Mush Arcana, a tarot deck love letter New York, and the latest stage of her career.

Los Bravu’s Happiness Renaissance

By Belen Presas // Published June 2, 2022

Inspired by the eternal Renaissance, Las Bravu creations bring humans to a central spot and represent the ruins of culture and the misery of a civilization incapable of focus and surrounded by constant inputs. However, there is always room for hope. At the end of the day, Los Bravu are here to remember us why being happy and expressing it through art is now more relevant than ever.

Tattooed Mom, Philadelphia’s Artist Playground

By Emma Riva // Published October 17, 2022

UP speaks to Tattooed Mom founder Robert Perry about creating a positive, welcoming space in Philadelphia for sticker artists of all backgrounds and creeds to hone their skills, plus have some amazing drinks. Like all business owners, Perry has had his share of trials and tribulations, but for the people who patronize Tattooed Moms (including UP’s Emma Riva, T.K. Mills, and Ana Candelaria), the result has been more than worth it.

Eye Sticker Has Seen it All

By Maddie Katz // Published April 25, 2022

In the next installment of Maddie Katz’s interviews with pioneering female sticker artists, she talks to Eye Sticker, whose one-of-a-kind hot pink stickers and tags are equal parts humorous and powerful.

Belfast, A Mural Lover’s Paradise With a Dark Edge

By Emma Riva // Published September 5, 2022

Belfast, Northern Ireland isn’t necessarily on the map as a street art destination, but it’s home to a vibrant artistic culture that has much to teach the rest of the world. Emma speaks to Belfast artist Judith Guiney and reflects on how to capture a changing city.

Beauty as a Bulwark: Rome’s Inhabited Museum, MAAM

By Jesper Storgaard Jensen // Published March 14, 2022

An old, abandoned factory on the outskirts of Rome – where 200 people live – is a veritable treasure trove of beauty with more than 650 works of contemporary art. UP Magazine went to visit the only inhabited museum in the world.

Artists Reflect on Bringing Grief to Life for INERTIA • c a t h a r s i s

By Emma Riva // Published May 12, 2022

After a wildly successful opening night, IndividualActivist, Kar Part, Chris RWK, and Amy Smith reflect on their pieces in Rachael N. Clark’s “tapestry of grief” show, INERTIA • c a t h a r s i s.

Review: ‘In Their Eyes’ by Zabou at Saatchi Gallery, London

Written by Candelaria Barandiarán  // Published May 17, 2022

French-born street artist Zabou takes her dynamic, creative murals from building walls to gallery walls in her new show Their Eyes, on view at Saatchi Gallery.

Up in the Bronx: The Boone Avenue Walls

Written by Kurt Boone // Published October 16, 2022

Kurt Boone photographs New York legends and local wall writers alike gathered on the Bronx’s Boone Avenue to electrify the walls with their tags and messages.

Remembering Baston: A Tribute to Keith Aronowitz

Written by T.K. Mills, Photography by Lonnie Richards // Published November 3, 2022

A tribute to Keith “Baston” Aronowitz (1962-2022), an ardent supporter of the street art community who created mesmerizing, psychedelic-inspired murals.

Happy new year, and thank you for supporting UP!

— T.K. Mills, Emma Riva, and the UP Mag Staff