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The Collaboration: A Play On Warhol & Basquiat

Cande reviews The Collaboration, a play starring Paul Bettany and Kwame Kwei-Armah as Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat that aims to capture the relationship between two of the most significant figures in modern art history.


40 Years of Bristol Series: Inkie

Born in 1970 in Edinburgh, Scotland, Tom Bingle aka Inkie, grew up in Bristol, England, where he became one of the greatest agents of the British street art scene since the late 1980s. In Part 2 of Melissa Chemam's series on street art in the exciting and dynamic city of Bristol,


Bristol: Forty Years of Graffiti Arts – Where It All Began

As the Saatchi Gallery in London celebrates four decade of Graffiti history, Melissa Chemam retraces the history of the artists who emerged from Bristol, in this three-part series.


NYContemporary: A Start Show Art Fair

This weekend, START Shows is back at it again, putting together another stellar line up of artists at One Art Space, with an opening reception on Friday May 19th 6-9pm. Aiming to elevate their process, this new show, 'NYContemporary' is set to be a new annual art fair.


The Indefinable Corey Ochai

Pittsburgh-born artist Corey Ochai is more than just an artist--he's a curator, podcast producer, community advocate, and potential city councilmember in the riverside art hub of Sharpsburg. He's also one of managing editor Emma Riva's favorite people. Corey's life story is a wild ride, and as a feature for her birthday weekend, Emma wanted to share it.


Phillips Gallery – Never Above 14 Street: A Downtown NYC Art Show

"Never Above 14 Street" at Phillips Gallery presented original works of art mostly from 1980’s but a few from 1990’s by artists Lady Pink, Seen, Crash, Futura 2000, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Mike Bidlo, Keith Haring, David Wojnarowicz, Martin Wong, David McDermott and Peter McGough, Dondi White and Linus Coraggio.


Press Release: NEVER ABOVE 14TH ST

PhillipsX is pleased to announce a selling exhibition focusing on the 1980s and 1990s East Village art scene in New York. On view from 8 - 22 March at 432 Park Avenue, Never Above 14th St. features a wide variety of well known ‘80s and ‘90s New York City artists, including Dondi White, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Crash, and others.


February 2023 Submissions – Heartbreak & Heartache

The selected pieces & honorable mentions from February's 2023's 'Heartbreak & Heartache' Submissions Contest. Pieces were selected by the UP Magazine Team based on what we felt best represented the theme & how the artists explained their work.


Ruttkowski;68 Arrives in New York City

How many legendary graffiti spots can you name? Some are a matter of taste, but others are undisputed—Basquiat’s one-time studio until recently, for instance, Freeman’s Alley in the LES hopefully forever, but also Cortland Alley in TriBeCa, one of the fine art world’s latest hotspots. Ruttkowski;68, a German gallery with graffiti roots and eyes beyond art history’s canon, marks TriBeCa’s latest addition—in Cortland Alley too, that illegal art destination dating back to 1817.

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