UP is a NYC-based quarterly magazine that centers on street art, graffiti, and creative urban culture. Each issue of UP focuses on a single subject, exploring a wide range of artists, inter views, and ideas around the theme.

Our mission is to provide the art community with nuanced, provocative, and critical writing that navigates the questions of our generation. We pride ourselves on serving our readers high-quality articles that investigate, inform, and entertain. Like good art, UP Magazine is made to make you think and make you feel.


T.K. Mills is an art journalist based in New York City. After receiving a Master’s Degree in Global Affairs, he discovered a love for graffiti while backpacking through Cuba. T.K. has written for several art publications including SOLD, Global Street Art, and Arte Fuse. Additionally, he manages the street art blog, Well Pleased We Dream. Beyond art, T.K. loves reading and traveling.






Vittoria Benzine is a street art journalist and personal essayist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her affinity for counterculture and questioning has introduced her to exceptional artists and morally ambiguous characters alike. She values writing as a method of processing the world’s complexity. Send love letters to her via:






Christina Elia is a freelance writer pursuing
her BA in Art History Communications from Fordham University. Born and raised
in New York City, she writes about topics ranging from creative nonfiction to street art, culture, travel and leisure. Christina’s work has been published in publications such as The Odyssey, Select City Magazine, CURA Magazine, and The Tishman Review. When she isn’t writing, you’ll find her wandering the streets of Chelsea or the LES, taking advantage of whatever free galleries she can find and wondering if she’ll ever be able to make rent in Manhattan.






Lonnie Richards is a native of Morrow, Georgia. Lonnie has been doing street photography for seven years. He specializes in taking candid photos of the people he sees. Lonnie likes to photograph the street art and graffiti he observes as he strolls through the city. An Iraqi War Veteran, Lonnie served eight years in the United States Marine Corps. In addition to being the photographer for UP Magazine, Lonnie is a history buff and likes to research American history whenever he can.





Pitch Black is a New York City ar tist who uses cultural iconography to make pop art. Black star ted painting modular work that would accommodate people living in limited urban environments. Inspired by the very definition of pop art – finding, procuring or otherwise repurposing images from our cultural collective – Black gets excited by taking these found elements and combining them in surprising ways. He also draws upon his publishing and marketing
background to utilize all aspects of art and design.





Fumero is a New York-based artist whose work incorporates aspects of graffiti, street art, and contemporary muralism. Known for his iconoclastic style, Fumero is the subject of the documentary, Fumero-ism: The Grafstract, directed by Keith Arnowitz. As a professional artist, Fumero travels the world painting.