Contributing Writer / Photographer

Based in Toronto, CA / Havana, Cuba

Amir Saarony’s body and mind live in Toronto, Canada but his heart lives in Havana, Cuba. Amir first went to Havana in the late 90s, during the final years of the Special Period for what was supposed to be a 3 week work assignment that ended up lasting into the 21st century. In Toronto Amir has been a graphic designer/art director for over 30 years. After over 100 trips to Havana Amir has participated in many projects. From consulting with businesses, working with social causes and humanitarian aid to writing books and articles. In 2019 Amir published Painted Walls Havana, a 386 page coffee table book on the emerging street art scene in Havana. Falling back on his fine art and art history education Amir is now on a mission to show the world the other side of Havana. The one you do not see in the tourism ads. His next dream is to create a documentary on the urban scene in Havana.

Instagram: @painted_walls_havana