OGallery invites you to Anthony Sims’ debut exhibition in Los Angeles!

Hours: August 27th – August 29th from 7 PM – 10 PM.

Tickets are free. RSVP with OGalleryLA.


For more information email:

Anthony Sims presents, “Dichotomy,” a story of the war between digital and analog artists. Technology is constantly evolving, such as the creation of film and cameras, which give people new layers of expression. Sims partnered with digital artists worldwide thanks to the SuperRare community and his friend Suryanto.

Sims’ first 3D collaboration with Andri Wibowo sold for 24.25ETH or $99,973 in May 2021 on SuperRare. Wibowo took a single-layer PNG file of Sims’ 4 x 5 ft painting and deconstructed it into floating 3D objects, making the file lifelike.

Sims currently pursues art full-time and will be bringing several animated NFTs and fine art paintings to Los Angeles.