Bang It! Mural Meet 2021

Written by Kurt Boone

“BANG IT ! MURAL MEET was held from May 20-23 2021 as the kick off event of Chroma Zone Mural & Art Festival.  In the Creative Enterprise Zone a city recognized industrial area in St. Paul, Minnesota. Showcase as a live mural painting event curated by Peyton Scott Russell.  It feature early-career artists whose primary discipline is rooted in graffiti and street art.  The opportunity to develop as a recognized public art muralist. The event also showcase advance students from Spray Finger Graffiti Education Program.

A quote from curator Peyton Scott Russell from Chroma Zone webpage describe the event in more detail. “I have coined the name “Bang It ! Mural Meet to imply going hard and being focused on your craft, having a positive, aggressive impact on community, making a statement, being heard, meeting new artists and building a professional portfolio.  It’s the main reason I’m seeking Graffiti Writers/Artists & Street Artists to open new avenues of community relations and to help provide opportunity to my community and culture.  It also relates to the initial location of this event, the Bang Brewing Company.”