Press Release: Stencibility Street Art Festival 2024

The biggest sticker exhibition in Europe can be found on a city bus in Tartu

Stencibility Street Art Festival from Tartu, Estonia opened the biggest sticker exhibition in Europe at the end of January. In collaboration with over 300 artists around the globe, the festival gathered 25,000 stickers that can be found on and in the working city bus in Tartu.

To visit the show on wheels called SLÄP! people can just take a bus ride in Tartu – the European Capital of Culture 2024. The city bus covered with stickers continues its daily route, picking up commuters throughout 2024.  

“What I love the most about this project is how so many people all around the world have contributed to a collective effort to make something that has never been done before,” said Sirla, the head of the Stencibility Festival. “The exhibition highlights how rich the world of sticker art really is. The visitors could probably spend the whole day discovering all the pieces and hidden messages on the bus,” she added. 

Sticker is one of the tiniest street art forms. Every sticker can be a unique artwork with its message, visual, and printing technique. With this exhibition, Stencibility wants to show the size of the worldwide sticker art movement and emphasize the worth of a sticker as an art form. 

The exhibition is part of the international Stencibility Street Art Festival 2024.

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