Black Lives Matter Resource List

Written by UP Mag Staff

Clarion calls demanding justice currently echo throughout city centers across the United States. As the Black Lives Matter movement mobilizes through physical protests, sit-ins, and demonstrations worldwide, growing lists of online resources also circle social media to contextualize the chaos. Detailing everything from mutual aids to bailout funds, we’ve sourced information from numerous databases while compiling our own comprehensive list to help our readers support Black Americans. Whether you’re unable to physically attend a protest or you’re pondering how to contribute alternatively, use this as a jumping-off point for your introduction to Black Lives Matter! 

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Immediate Need/On the Ground (via this list)

To support protestors in need right now, consider donating directly to organizations on the frontlines! 


NYC Organizations Currently Seeking Funds

(via this list)

UP readers living in New York City can donate directly to these anti-racist organizations. 



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Mutual Aid (via this list)

Mutual Aids are volunteer-based organizations providing support for citizens when governmental infrastructure fails to. Donate to your local Mutual Aids to help support your local community! 


  • NAACP Legal Defense Fund
  • TheOkraProject (“To honor #NinaPop, #TonyMcDade, and the many Black Trans people who been murdered by state-sanctioned violence, The Okra Project is dedicating $15,000 to create the Nina Pop Mental Health Recovery Fund and the Tony McDade Mental Health Recovery Fund” [TWITTER THREAD])

East Coast


West Coast



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Organizing (via this list)


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Bailout & Jail Support Nationwide (via this list)

Protestors nationwide are struggling to make bail right now. Donate individually to your local bail fund from this list, or click here to split your donation between 70+ community bail funds. 

National Bail Out – #FreeBlackMamas

New England 





California/West Coast 


Washington, D.C



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Black-Owned, Independent Bookstores (via this link) 

Besides donating money to various organizations, be sure to also support BLM in ongoing, systemic ways. Next time you’re debating ordering books, choose from one of these Black-owned U.S. bookstores to sustain your local community! 

West Coast


East Coast

Website Planet Black Owned Businesses Compilation

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Petitions To Be Signed (more here)

Signing a petition takes a few seconds, and it’s an easy way to advocate for widespread change. Amplify Black voices by signing all petitions below. 



Recovery / LGBTQ Resources


Educational Resources

Want to learn more but not sure where to begin? Educate yourself through revolutionary literature, discussions with your peers, and other online resources. Here are a few articles to get you started. 



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Numbers To Call For Unlawful Arrests (via this link)

Literally voice your concerns by calling your local representatives and insist on reparations for precious Black lives lost. If you don’t know what to say, visit or for a quick conversation template. 

  • 310-313-3700 – LA
  • 210- 227-1515 – SATX
  • 804-291-8520 – Richmond VA
  • 783-346-6322 – NY
  • 612-444-2654 – Minneapolis
  • 404-689-1519 – ATL
  • 484-758-0388 – Philadelphia 
  • 502-705-0081 – Louisville




Donating to organizations on this list is just one way to provide assistance. Strive to dismantle systems of oppression in your daily life, continue to consciously be anti-racist, and remember we have a long way to go still. UP Magazine stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter to continue fighting for equality!