The Bowery Derby Sticker Show, presented by 0H10M1ke & Friends at Bowery Union at 329 Broome Street in LES/Chinatown NYC over the September 10th Weekend @theboweryunion

Opening is from 6 pm to 10 pm on Friday, September 10th.

NFT drop is at 8 pm on Saturday, September 11th.

There is a Win, Place or Show Horserace theme.

1. Win: Guests can enter the $10 Raffle to win select stickers, packs, and art from participating artists

2. Place: Sticker artists can place any sticker on the trade table for all guests to swap, take home, or stickerfly their personal swag.

3. Show: Groups show featuring Sticker artists from NYC and around the world

Friday 6 -10 pm:

‘Slapped up’ art objects for sale from flasks, notebooks and bags to signs and doors. Slapped up art will be on display as we continue to create more objects throughout the weekend.

All-Artist Collab Boards continue to fill until complete by Friday 10 pm, to be photographed for NFT.

Meet up in the DIY section to make stickers, collab with other artists- some materials provided.

All guests are encouraged to buy a $10 raffle ticket. We’ll pull tickets every 30 minutes for stickers, sticker packs and original art.

Music by DJ Marcus Gliterris @marcusglitteris and Dan Freeman (C0m1x) @dan_freeman_music

Enjoy complimentary Beer and Party Water by our sponsor Brooklyn Beer Garden @brooklynbeergarden !

Check out Issue 4 of UP Magazine, available while supplies last, @up_mag

Attire: Bold Colors, Bright Florals, Bum suits, Gutter-chic, Disintegrated Dandy, Unfascinated Couture- you know- what The Kentucky Derby would look like if Bowery Union hosted…

Saturday 6-10 pm: Pull through for more collabs, sticker-making, and slapped up art. NFT drop at 8 pm.

Sunday 1-6 pm: VIP Collectors Day.

RSVP here.