UP Magazine's Event Recap 2023

Written by UP Mag Staff

Enjoy checking out some of the events we had the pleasure of curating, hosting, and participating in this year, and stay tuned for what we’ve got cooking in 2024!

-T.K. Mills, Editor in Chief

It’s been an eventful year for us at @up__mag in more ways than one, and in more words than can be captured in a caption but all the same, here’s a quick rundown:

NYC Art League Tournament 2023+

We finished the third year of the NYC Art League this December after 9 matches with over 30 artists across the year. Plus 2 championship matches including when we started January with the 2022 team finals! 11 events in 12 months ⬆️🔥⬆️ Shout out to @sourmousenyc and the squad @breemakesart @prolificwone @a_candela_photography @streetartdesire @dj_one_shot @mightyjoemorris @textandthecity_

The 'Neighborhood' Series at The Buren

We also launched ‘The Neighborhood’ series at @theburenbkny , our second set of monthly productions, featuring a rotating roster of creatives from across the artistic spectrum! Shout out to @cristinavillegasg for being our flyer designer and @vk.nyc.art for the assist when we need it 💖


In 2023, we decided to try something opening up to Submissions for the first time! We’ll be tweaking our frequency but we had some incredible submissions from around the world!

Partnerships & Pop Ups

This year we also had the opportunity to build out new partnerships & explore creative collaborations including with our friends at @beercanvas for the March Art Madness Tournament, our ‘High Spirits’ show at @lafleurcafenyc , the Top 40 nominations lead by @theculturecandy , and got to celebrate summer (and a special moment) at @oneartspace Plus we’re starting an exciting new partnerships with @artelfest that we’re looking forward to building on in 2024!

Partnerships & Pop Ups

Lastly, we also got to share the mission of UP with the world via 2 high profile panels. We were honored to be represented at @nuartfestival and at @museumofgraffiti for Mana’s book launch to which T.K. Contributed an essay. TK also hosted a panel discussion for @smalltownbigcanvas with UP alumni the @drippedon crew. Additionally, we had the pleasure of being featured on several podcasts including @truthinthisart @iamdmuse @_studiokasa_ @startshows
Needless to say, it’s been a year and we’re looking forward to a little rest… but not much, cus we’ve got some major moves coming soon. Here’s to keeping it UP in 2024!