Press Release: Harlem Fine Arts Show Unveils Distinguished
Lineup for HFAS16: A Cultural Showcase
during Black History Month

Harlem Fine Arts Show Unveils Distinguished
Lineup for HFAS16: A Cultural Showcase
during Black History Month

In a noteworthy cultural convergence, the Harlem Fine Arts Show (HFAS16) is set to unveil the works of over 100 distinguished artists and galleries at the Glasshouse on 660 12th Avenue between West 48th and West 49th Street in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. This cultural event marks a celebration of creativity and diversity throughout Black History Month. Among the participating artists, individuals whose unique narratives and artistic expressions contribute to the tapestry of HFAS16 include: Keith Golden, founder of Art by Golden, based in Brighton, Colorado, born into a family of storytellers, whose art serves as a visual chronicle of his family’s history, capturing moments that echo the resilience and triumphs of generations. Art By Golden, the collaborative brainchild of Keith Golden and his daughter, reflecting a blend of contemporary influences with familial heritage, bridging the gap between generations and styles. Carol Folds of Queens, NY, crafting pieces with meticulous detail that serve as a toolkit for introspection, catalyzing conversations about identity, heritage, and the nuanced layers of the African American experience. ArtCrawl Harlem, a collective of local NYC artists weaving together a communal narrative that transcends individual expressions, creating a visual dialogue mirroring the vibrant spirit of Harlem’s artistic
community led by Ulysses S. Williams. Nai Turner, whose journey into the world of art began as a form of personal therapy, offering viewers a glimpse into the emotional landscape of the artist.
Darla Ebanks & Larry Weekes, a dynamic collaboration extending beyond the canvas, reflecting not only artistic harmony but also a shared commitment to fostering dialogues on cultural
heritage. Guerda Faustin, whose art is an ode to her Haitian roots, invites viewers to explore the rich tapestry of Haitian culture through vivid colors and intricate details. Emmanuel Gillespie
based in Dallas, TX whose creations are marked by a subtle blend of mystery and revelation, encouraging viewers to look beyond the surface and contemplate the stories that lie beneath.

This is just a snapshot of the diverse voices that will be part of HFAS16, celebrating Black history and highlighting the profound impact of individual stories within the broader context of cultural
heritage. HFAS16 will also bring together other captivating exhibitors such as galleries: E&S Gallery (KY), GRAPHITE HOUSE (GA), Mahogany Gallery (WI), Paul Conliffe Art Curator (Africa), Pencil on Paper (TX), Stuart McClean Fine Art (GA), and Waterkolours Fine Art Gallery (TN). In the realm of art and creativity, an illustrious community of visionaries comes together to
weave a vibrant tapestry of expression. From the evocative works of Alise Loebelshon and Amanda C. Pereira to the captivating artistry of Anthony Lewis, each name on this distinguished list represents a unique perspective and creative journey. The artistic narrative expands with Basil Watson, BAYAAL NYC, and Buchi Upjohn, traversing the diverse landscapes shaped by
Christopher Crenshaw, CMC Fine Arts, and Cole Douglas. D’Artist Donna Ladson, Damien Mathis, and DK Dixon contribute their distinctive flair, while Doray Unlimited, Dr. Myrah Brown Green,
and Dr. Thomas E. Lockhart III brings profound depth to the artistic dialogue. Duane Corey stands alongside Eunice LaFate, Frank Frazier, and the iconic Fulton Art Fair, while J’han Brady
and Jalen A.Law lend their unique voices. The journey is enriched further by JET, JMR Designs, and Jozimar Matimano. Judith Eloise Hooper, JUS 10| Justin Ellis, and Kai Watson intertwine their stories, joined by La’Jasha Champion and the creative hub of Lakeem Wilson & Co. The artistic ensemble continues with Louella Jones, playing a pivotal role in this collective celebration.
Michael Bradley Fine Art, Modupe Odusote, and Sydni Peeler infuse their artistic uniqueness, while Otis Williams Tribal Art adds a global touch. Rashida Bolden contributes to this symphony
of creativity, and Sanusi Olatunji, Sherwin Cadore, and Tolu Ayorinde each add their distinctive strokes. Finally, Youveline Joseph completes this collaborative celebration of artistry, where each
contribution forms a dynamic visual narrative promising to captivate and inspire, especially during a month dedicated to reflecting on the remarkable achievements of African Americans.
HFAS16 promises to be an insightful exploration into the rich tapestry of African American artistry. Media outlets are invited to experience this cultural showcase that transcends
boundaries and resonates with the diverse narratives of its participating artists.

For additional details, press passes, or interviews with participating artists and organizers, you can acquire Red Dot Opening, African Americans In Medicine, African Americans In Finance, and
General Admission Tickets by visiting Don’t miss the opportunity to support and celebrate #BuyBlackArt.

About Harlem Fine Arts Show (HFAS16)
HFAS is the largest touring African diaspora art show in the United States, offering a platform for artists to exhibit and sell their work to a diverse audience. Since its inception in 2009, HFAS has
welcomed over 80,000 visitors and partnered with leading galleries and artists. The event contributes to the professional development of emerging artists through collaborations with educational institutions.

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