High Line Nine and Chashama Present
An Interdisciplinary Quartet of Solo Exhibitions

Featuring New Works by Sébastien Courty, Delvin Lugo,
Sheryl Oppenheim, & Philip A. Robinson Jr.

507 West 27th Street | New York, NY 10001
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 21st, 6-8pm
On view through August 28th

Artwork Credits (top to bottom): Delvin Lugo, Philip A. Robinson Jr.,
Sheryl Oppenheim, Sébastien Courty.

NEW YORK CITY (July 18, 2022) – High Line Nine, one of New York City’s leading experiential galleries featuring nine sky-lit exhibition spaces in Chelsea’s premier art district, presents four new solo exhibitions produced by Chashama to showcase the latest work by contemporary artists Sébastien Courty, Delvin Lugo, Sheryl Oppenheim, and Philip A. Robinson Jr. An opening reception with all the artists in attendance is scheduled for Thursday, July 21st at 6-8pm and the shows will remain on view through August 28th at 507 West 27th Street in New York.

This quartet of exhibitions marks the first collaboration between High Line Nine and Chashama, serving as a celebration of New York City’s vibrant and diverse artistic community. By joining forces, the two organizations will present an ambitious slate of artistic activations and cultural programming, elevating local artists that offer a global perspective while increasing fine arts accessibility citywide.

“Chashama is thrilled for the opportunity to present artists at the High Line Nine galleries,” stated Chashama’s Founder and Artistic Director, Anita Durst. “We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration as we shine a light on this incredibly diverse and bold selection of artistic talent.”

Full descriptions for each exhibition and its corresponding gallery hours are provided below.

Sébastien Courty – Identities in Thread

Textile has long been an essential component of the human experience since the beginning of civilization. Fascinated by the diversity of craftsmanship and versatility textiles offer, Sebastien Courty’s art is in principle a decorative art approach. The play of texture, material and colour permits him to reinvent his craft through traditional and ancient techniques such as hand weaving or thread-drawing. He aspires to move the viewers by creating an emotion and a feeling through his creations. Textiles transcend dimensions where “Design” encounters “Art” in a prospective muse. Not limited to fibers, his work encompasses any materials that allow hand woven methods inter alia to invent contemporary textile art.

(Gallery Hours: Tue-Sun 12-6pm)

Delvin Lugo – Caribbean Summer

Caribbean Summer is a solo exhibition of works by Delvin Lugo exploring and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community of Santo Domingo. After having left the Dominican Republic at the age of 12, Lugo was drawn to learn and explore how current queer existence is lived in the capital city. Initial research began by connecting through social media with local artists and activists. Visiting the island to meet the talent in question soon followed. Sessions were set with one main contact who brought their chosen family to be photographed as they enjoyed moments of conversation, libations, and dancing. Lugo builds this series utilizing photography and collage, while interpreting characteristics of the Rococo period. Vibrant colors parallel the energetic, creative, resilient, unique, defiant, and independent personalities. All pushed towards the viewer by the hot neon pink context, utilized here as a symbol of Caribbean heat.

(Gallery Hours: Wed-Thurs 10am-6pm + Fri-Sat 9am-6pm)

Sheryl Oppenheim – Book Related

Book Related is an exhibition of marbled papers and collages by Sheryl Oppenheim. The title of the exhibition refers to the connection between Oppenheim’s techniques and those used to make books – paper marbling, cutting, hinging, and gluing. Although her works on view are not books themselves, they are connected by material and construction to the craft of bookbinding. The title further refers to the relationship between Oppenheim’s work and the works of the participating publishers. The practice of making books is rooted in collaboration and community, and any space where the idea of a book is present ideally includes a multitude of perspectives. As supplemental programming, a section of the gallery will host a rotating series of mini-exhibitions from independent publishers – Precog Magazine, Faride Mereb / Ediciones Letra Muerta, and Everybody Press – encompassing archives, book projects, zines, artwork, poetry, fiction, and clothing.

(Gallery Hours: Tue-Thurs 10am-6pm)

Philip A. Robinson Jr. – Old Talks with New Icons

Clothing affects how other people perceive us as well as how we think about ourselves. To see the promise of a better self-reflected in an object is to imagine a better future. Clothing is not only universal it is non-binary. Designers and fabricators pull their inspiration from multiple cultures, demographics, environments, and elements. But depending on where you grew up, your culture, your religion, you may have not been introduced to a certain type of cloth, material or attire. These sculptures will allow the viewer to envision/re-invent themselves. They will serve as a conduit to the past as well as the future.

(Gallery Hours: Tue 4-6pm + Wed-Sun 12am-6pm)


Since 1995, Chashama has played a central role in sustaining New York’s vibrant creative community and increasing accessibility to the arts for all. Chashama supports artists by partnering with property owners to transform unused real estate into free presentation and workspace as well as free educational courses for underserved communities. To date, Chashama has transformed unused space for 30,000 artists, hosted 4,000 public art events, provided 1,500 free art classes in underserved communities, and reached audiences of nearly a million. Chashama’s new program, Storefront Startup, supports women and minority owned small businesses with free pop-up storefronts. Annually, Chashama provides $11 million worth of real estate to its participants. For more information, visit the official website:


High Line Nine is New York City’s leading experiential gallery — an interdisciplinary and dynamic collection of nine skylit exhibition spaces located in Chelsea’s premier gallery district. Located beneath the High Line and adjacent to Zaha Hadid’s first residential development in New York City, High Line Nine brings emerging A-list talent to New York City’s cultural coast. Inspired by European gallerias and co-op exchange programs, Related Companies developed High Line Nine in response to an analogous art market need, providing gallerists with an all-inclusive turnkey solution unlike any format in the contemporary New York landscape. For more information, visit the official website:


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