Press Release: I WANT IT ALL NOW

I WANT IT ALL NOW is a multi sensory group exhibition curated by Nicole Pozos at Pen Project in North Miami with works by Camila Rosa, Laura Gonballes, Nicole Salgar, and Natasha Tomchin.

I WANT IT ALL NOW features works by multidisciplinary artists- some who explore race or gender and others who entrance our senses and transport us to a dream-like world, each one with distinct visual languages capturing our attention through color and form. Camila Rosa, Laura Gonballes and Nicole Salgar have prolific backgrounds in muralist work, with mural projects in Brazil, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and the United States.

This will be Camila Rosa’s (Sau Paulo, Brazil) first US gallery exhibition- after having worked with major brand names like Old Navy, Vans, the New York Times. Scaling down her usually larger than life works to fit on canvas, covered in large fields of color and bold lines, creating strong figures sometimes with large doe eyes that bring tranquility and other times a stare that encourages you to step up and take action. Laura Gonballes (Barcelona, Spain) similarly is calling for action in her works where she intertwines lithe feminine bodies into knots, bodies moving like slinkies up and down the canvas in a dance of colors, reclaiming blues as a male gender dominated color.

Nicole Salgar (Miami, Fl.) works are a whirlwind of swirling colors with full frontal portraits that stare out at the viewer in an unrelenting gaze, as strong as they are graceful with hands gently clasped.

Opening the exhibition space with a portal sculpture, Salgar has created a gateway to transform the experience, as you walk through this lofty red archway the viewers enter a sensory experience through the space and continuing with the work of Natasha Tomchin (Miami, Fl.) who lifts us into a dream world, quite literally putting our head in the clouds. Her multi-sensory installation in collaboration with Maxwell Williams of UFO Perfums has us smelling, seeing, and feeling- prismatic color reflections float around the gallery’s white walls and sprinkle rainbows in unexpected places.

More Information:

893 NE 125th Street Miami, FL 33137 / @pen.artproject