Issue 5: Icons - Sponsor Shout Out

Written by UP Mag Staff

With each issue of UP, in addition to curating all of the artists and articles, we also strive to build a strong network of Sponsors and Supporters. Part of this is practical – printing on high quality paper as we do, is expensive and having financial sponsors helps alleviate some of the financial burden – and part of it is about growing the street art network.  Rather than just taking advertisements from whomever, we aim to recruit likeminded businesses who want to reach the street art community, but who also bring value to the artists as well. Part of the experience is working alongside these companies to help them design a page spot that fits the issue. Check out below for some the Icons designs, as well as other sponsors who helped make this issue possible.

If you’re interested in working with us in the future, you can email inquiries to


Our partners are the firms we regularly work with to provide services to, whether that is design, media, or event curation. If you’re interested in working with UP in a partner capacity, please email


Mural Painter Inc

From the MPI website: “We are a team of talented artists, designers, project managers and solution-oriented staff that produces hand painted murals. Mural Painter Inc. was established in 2009 in New York City.  It has offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City and operates in multiple cities across the USA. Today Mural Painter provides high quality murals, office art, signage, branding and outdoor advertising for small and large businesses.  We are often called to work on unique advertising strategies.  Our business has been featured on the ABC show Shark Tank.  Our clients hire us to deliver high quality hand painting on time and budget — on any surface and scale.”


Sour Mouse

From the Sour Mouse website:Nestled in the heart of the Lower East Side, Sour Mouse transports you back in time when love, music, art and community were freely expressed. Play a variety of games like ping pong, pool, and foosball. Sour Mouse is a place dedicated to leisure for the community. A place where you can put your phone down and enjoy the company of others, partake in fun recreational games, or throw an exciting party or event. The possibilities for fun are endless!”


Vedere Press

From the Vedere Press website: “Formed in 2018, Vedere Press is a premier partner for artists of all kinds. We are no strangers to the independent publishing industry and have a strong passion for art and books. After years of mastering our craft with Amazon’s self-publishing company, CreateSpace, we created, built, and operated one of the most respected and highly-rated independent book publishing companies in the United States and published hundreds of titles a year.

Over the years, we found that there just isn’t a great independent publishing solution for high-quality art and photography books. Many times, artists are forced to compromise their creative vision by enlisting a traditional publisher—while waiting months, sometimes years, for their book to be completed. If they decide to self-publish, they are often constrained by lackluster printing and design options and “one-size fits all” mentality of most independent publishing companies.

Vedere Press was created to showcase artists and businesses by designing, printing, and distributing beautiful, high-quality, coffee-table style books that stay true to the artist’s vision.”


Sponsors & Supporters

Aha! App

Beer Canvas

Bushwick Daily

Classy Screens



Deep Space Gallery


Goldfine CPA

Hustle + Flo

Loft Projects (Formerly Art Closet)

Morkie Marketing

One Art Space

Plastic Pizza

Prime Life

PTTP/LA Street Art Gallery

Queen of Hearts Global

Tango Hotel


The Buren

ThirdRail [Now the US division of Danae.Io]