June 2023 Submissions – The Joys of June

The Top 10 Selected Pieces for our June 2023 ‘The Joys of June’ Submissions Contest’

(In No Particular Order)

Pieces were selected by the UP Magazine Team based on what we felt best represented the theme 

1) Nico Cathcart

Nico Cathcart

Meme: Painted for Wide Open Walls in Sacramento CA, Floral crown on a Shoshone Piaute Women, who is also the founder of Few and Far graf crew, Floral theme relates to the blooms of summer, but also a nod to the summer painting season!

Nico Cathcart

Winner of a National Mural Award / Artists 4 ERA  Supporting the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment- Buy Prints /Prints NOW AVAILABLE at House of Roulx

CAN Network Available Work Here

Purchase paintings available NOW through ABV Gallery Atlanta

IG: @nicocathcart

2) Sofia Ciniglio

Sofia Ciniglio (b. 1989 in New York( has written for several of UP Magazine ‘s themed submissions as well as additional publications such as meurodiversity-related blogs as well as Bitch: A Feminist Response to Pop Culture. Her visual artwork has also been exhibited in art spaces and galleries in Brooklyn, New York and Pittsburgh, PA. Currently, one of her works is featured in the group show “Misfit Toys” in Pittsburgh curated by Emma Riva

The concept of the poem, “On Play, Part 1” is meant to illustrate the importance of play and freedom of expression which especially comes to fruition in the season that is summer. While we have much spare time, as in time off( from school mainly, for the younger population, but in some cases work), we develop a sense of personal independence. This alludes to the face that summer should serve as a time when one is most at liberty to show their true authentic selves, and a period of spontaneity where we encourage our own minds to switch gears from the obligatory world to the less structured one.

IG: @sofia.mochon.ciniglio_studios

3) Sharon Volpe

Is an illustrator/painter that transforms how humans feel on the inside through to the outside using expressions, playful themes and symbols. She comes from the surrounding NYC area, and completed an M.F.A. in illustration at The Fashion Institute of Technology in 2016. Prior to that she studied graphic design at The School of Visual Arts. Her work has been exhibited in advertising, gallery spaces and editorial channels. Her original artwork was selected for 3×3 International Illustration Annual 16, Every Woman Biennial, American Illustration , ILLO2020 , as well as other illustration competitions. Clients include Collective Arts Brewery, Canvas and Cassette Magazine, DOORS.NYC, LinkNYC, Love Shack Fancy, Maybelline NY, N.C. State Magazine , QUIDD App, UP Magazine, Warriors Within Collective Book Volume 3, and Women Who Roar Digital Anthology 2020. A series of her mixed media artworks “Colors and Textures of NYC” will be featured in September 2023 on ART ON LINK for a week.

These three submissions embody the Joys of June in their approach with color and textures as well as through symbolism of Freedom and connection to Mother earth and even to each other. June is when we feel a lighthearted approach to things through warmer weather, end of classes, humidity, get-togethers and the oncoming celebrations of July 4th. All works executed in Watercolor/Pastel overlay with Digital Painting.

IG: @sharonvolpeartwork

4) Michelle Buser

Michelle Buser  is a mixed media visual artist living in Brooklyn, NY working mostly in oil paints whose work features various themes such as ties between human condition, romanticism and nature. Her paintings celebrate both outward beauty through environment, individuality and roots as well as embrace inward connection through shared human experience like emotion, empowerment, and storytelling. Michelle explores a romantic life through the art of leisure, nature and connection.

These are oil paintings and part of my newest series on romanticism and the art of leisure. It is about nature, the sweetness and slowness of summer and it plays on nostalgia. It encompasses the joys of June.

“Summer Sweetness”

IG: @michellextheartist


I am a mixed media artist and I live and work in Altena, Germany. In the early creative years of my life I practiced experimental analog photography and taught photography courses. Later I switched to digital photography. In addition to my lifelong, autodidactic studies of art, I learned to work with antique glass, opalescent, colorescent and mirror glass from renowned master glaziers. Since 1989, numerous glass art objects have been created using lead glazing and Tiffany technology. From 2000 to 2010 I mainly devoted myself to computer-aided graphics, image processing and programming. I realized cross-media projects (internet and intranet) as well as public relations and digital art. Since 2010 I have been concentrating on abstract mixed media paintings and sculptures, which were presented in a renowned art gallery. My artwork can be seen in local exhibitions and on international art platforms. You can find a detailed overview at www.stylish-arts.com .

My digital artwork named “THE JOYS OF JUNE” uses fresh, summery colors and echoes UP Magazine’s June theme with its invigorating, appellative text. I hope that you like the cheerful and encouraging character of the illustration and that the readers of your magazine also like it.


6) Christian Hernandez

Christian Hernandez is an artist based in Laguna, Philippines. His creative works largely influence by music (especially 60s music), psychedelics,  anime, Environment, society or whatever comes to his mind. His style can be colourful at times or monochromatic but whimsical and dreamy.

Statement: I would like to send this for your call for art with a theme of The Joy Of June. for me,  this artwork of mine is suited for the theme because June is also associated with the environment which is why world environment day is every month of June. this is also my simple way to remind each of us that we have to protect Earth before it’s too late.

IG: @_artofchristian

 7) Asooraguy

I’m Asooraguy a street/ graffiti artist in Melbourne, Australia. I’m writing this email to submit ‘The Joys of June’ contest.

‘My artwork incorporates colours of joy and the narrative story through ‘Bluxky’ on the streets and canvases.

IG: @asooraguy

 8) Janae Young

Multi-talented contemporary artist, Janae Young, has been creating since birth. She became interested in art as a profession in 2014 and has been pursuing a variety of mediums ever since. Young, is someone who enjoys learning and growing via experiences. She has lived in major cities across the U.S. and is passionate about her travels, joys, and hardships. These experiences serve as a foundation that propels inspiration through art. Her plans to move to Palm Springs, CA, and launch a smoothie company will commence in 2024. However, she has no plans of putting a halt to her creative endeavors of painting, music, and sculpting installations. Young has been curating and hosting events focused on her art since moving to Los Angeles in 2018.

Statement:  The ever-changing shades of green bring me joy. I see the tree branches as everything. The world. We multiply and divide until there’s nothing left.

IG: @janae.online

9) Invasive Animal

Invasive Animal is a former house music DJ and experimental installation artist working out of San Diego.

As Summer emerges, the wildlife comes out to play.

IG: invasive_animal

10) Jennifer Vilchiz

Jennifer Vilchiz is a Mexican/Guatemalan selft taught artist born and raised in the area of Little Village, Chicago, IL, USA. Known as Spacecheese,  Jennifer manifests Psychedelic, Bright visual euphoria from the heart. She creates as a way to explore the soul, conciousness, and to learn about life and the universe’s love that exists within and among nature. What she has learned in her lifetime of creating is that the Journey that truly matters in life is the one Within. When we work on becoming a better version, evolve, and learn to love ourselves unconditionally with our imperfections, love flourishes and you are able to create magic out of that. She creates to share this beautiful feeling with others and in hopes that people can connect and be inspired to the beauty that life offers us.

IG: @s.p.a.c.e.c.h.e.e.s.e