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New York, NY – Third Rail Art is pleased to present 11-11 Synchronicity a joint exhibition of canvas and sculptural works by acclaimed contemporary street artists LeCrueEyebrows and Konstance Patton, on view from October 27th through October 31st at Tribeca-based One Art Space. The show serves as the ultimate culmination of an eventful past year and a half for both artists, whose tireless work and creative breakthroughs resulted in their most ambitious and inspired artistic pursuits yet.


The exhibition title, 11-11 Synchronicity, alludes to a strong connection between two individuals, though they may be seemingly different. Within the tenets of numerology, “1” is considered a powerful number for manifestation while the repeated presence of “11” is an especially auspicious sign or “angel number”. Stylistically, LeCrue and Konstance are very different in aesthetic and execution, yet the two artists are synchronized by intention; to “beautify the streets” and usher positive energy into existence through fearless creative expression that enriches the community and speaks to a greater purpose.

“Seeing 11:11 is a signal, an internal reminder that I am present and moving forward,” LeCrue says about the theme. “It visualizes the path of my highest form of power and keeps me grounded in between the intuition of truth and faith of direction. It’s a compass, a road sign. It’s a paragraph that is written within a sentence that is written in numbers. It clears distraction and screams: ‘All that was taught is not all that is real, and all that was real is not all that is me.’ It reminds me to keep steady, stay persistent, keep working, keep creating your existence.”

Alternatively, Konstance, a member of the Little Band of Ottawa Indians, draws inspiration from her indigenous heritage. “I come from a long line of artists, healers, and storytellers. Family tradition is infused in my work. The Goddezzes that come forth in my ongoing Goddezz Projekt represent nature, tree medicine, and eternal beauty; all grounded in the present. The Ancient Today,” she explains. “My work for this show, depicts the ‘Infinite Goddezz’ form in every aspect. They represent women that I admire, and their stories. The energy passed down through my family for generations. The works in the show specifically honor my sisters, nieces, mother, and grandmothers. These are the most important women in my life. And their energy, rather our energy, is something I want to share with you. BE A LOVER.”

In the addition to the original works exhibited, both artists will have prints and branded merchandise for purchase.


Historically (recent history included) walls have stood in iconic locations around the world as monuments to division. Street artists, on the other hand, have used these very same walls to communicate their message to all people regardless of what side they inhabit. It is in that dichotomy that Third Rail Art was born.

Third Rail Art is the digital manifestation of this medium. A wall that serves as a platform for emerging artists rather than a physical boundary. A wall that invites visitors, rather than turning them away. A wall that connects, rather than separates. A universal language, seen rather than spoken.

The marriage between these ideologies is evident in our social initiatives. Using actual walls to connect communities in the real world via the creative process. Both international and local, our real-life walls are both canvas and device for change. Beauty that illuminates those left in the dark under the shadows of those walls.

But how do we carry these messages beyond walls? Well, that’s where you come in. In support of our mission, our robust community of artists offers designs on limited-edition, vintage garments so that you can personally carry their ideas into the world. In the end, the wall is not a boundary, but a line that’s connects us all.

Walk the Wall with Us.


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