Still New York - A Photo Exhibition by Logan Hick at Wall Works Gallery

Written by Kurt Boone

The Bronx-based gallery and street art boutique WallWorks hosted their latest exhibition, ‘Still New York’ on Saturday May 11th. ‘Still New York’ is a solo show Logan Hicks, a street artist best known for his muralism, however the works in the show focus on his photography. These still photo capture New York City when the streets were empty and everyone was shuttered inside during the Covid-19 Pandemic. An elegant selection of photos, capturing the city in a variety of angles, and primary during the night, these works showcase a side of New York City in a rare moment, one that will likely never come again.


I spoke with Logan about the exhibition, and he shared some of his thoughts with UP.


“Traditionally, I am a painter.  I am painter by trade but when the pandemic hit in, business slowed down a little bit.  And with my paintings they all start as photographs. So this was a way for me to focus on that.”


“I decided during Pandemic that since I had a little bit of extra time, ‘Let me focus on photography.’ In my head I thought I would take photos and make paintings of them.  But I started looking at them I realize that some of these photos I can’t really say anything else about them. They exist as photos, they look good as photos and they should stay as photos.  And so I started building on that and during pandemic I was able to drive around New York City and get these shots of New York that I could never get at any other time. You get Times Square with no one in it, you get Canal Street with no cars on it.  It was just an unprecedent time. I decided that it was worthy of a show in of itself.”

The exhibition will run from May 11 to June 7, 2024 at WallWorks Gallery – Bronx Kreate Hub, 15 Canal Pl, Bronx, NY 10451

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