Lunar's Cats in Maribor, Republic of Slovenia

Written by Kresimir Golubic (Leon GSK)

Last Friday (March 17, 2023), the exhibition of the most famous Croatian graffiti and street art artist

Slaven Kosanović LUNAR was opened in the UGM Studio exhibition space in the very center of Maribor. The Recycle or Try exhibition was organized by Creative Studio Trampolin and Maribor Art Gallery. The representative space of UGM Studio served partly for Lunar’s excellent intervention on the wall, while the other walls are decorated with about a hundred works that the artist performs on various recycled materials, which are actually Lunar’s direct message and call to reduce pollution and negative impact on the environment.

A large number of interested guests visited the opening of the exhibition, and those who follow

the artist’s work had the opportunity to see an expanded edition of his last year’s exhibition in Zagreb.  The trademark of Lunar – its Cats in countless versions landed on the second largest Slovenian city, and we have to admit that the number of works and the overall impression of the exhibition deserve a few hours to visit Maribor.

The exhibition is open from 17.3.-6.5.2023.

Maribor center / UGM Studio (Leona Štuklja Square Nr. 2)

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