Press Release: PSYCOLOURGY 2.0

Martinez Gallery Celebrates: “Legacy” And 50th Anniversary of United Graffiti Artists

Hugo Martinez, the director of Martinez Gallery in Harlem, New York and founder of United Graffiti Artists celebrated it’s 50th years since it’s first Graffiti Arts exhibition in 1972.  With a new exhibition that open on November 11 featuring artists 910DO, ALONE, BEAST, CANCER CARL, CAP CASE 2, CHUSKI, COMET DIP FLINT 707, FORM 76, GEAR, GOREY KAPUT, LAMBO, LEAD, MAE, OMYE, P13 PAPI, PETRO, PILFER, REMIO, RENKS RIZOTE, SABE [DK], TYPE 2, VFR, XPOME, YES 2 AND ZONEK.

The interior design of the gallery was design by Marleen Kaptein  from Netherland.  It was design like a street in Amsterdam.  With stylistic graffiti tags on the interior walls of the gallery.  The artists also had frame prints on display in the gallery.  Among the many graffiti arts movement pioneering artists that were there.  CAP TC5 tagged Black Books and Subway Maps and Butch 2 TFP signed copies of his book title “BUTCH 2 ALL CITY’.  Check out the photos from the opening reception in the gallery.