Miami Vice City Marina Murals

Written by Maxence Doytier

Miami’s art scene extends into the Biscayne Bay with an all new mural and art park at Vice City Marina. Where Brickell meets the blue water, Vice City has partnered with Space of Mind and Galera Collective to curate a new outdoor art center.This installation will stoke exploration and conservation on, at, and under the water.

This exciting public art space highlights the marina and provides a colorful beacon for boaters to experience Miami’s art vibe from the water. Future programming will include art strolls, interactive exhibits, floating art, community gardens, educational events and exciting pop-ups gathering art and water lovers of all ages and backgrounds to this beautiful backdrop.

Galera Collective, one half of Wynwood Mural Fest, and Space of Mind, dedicated to engaging lifelong learners through creativity and community, are perfect partners to elevate Vice City Marina to become Miami’s newest international art destination and experiential waterfront gallery to location, expertise and excitement!

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