Twenty6North Celebrates its Collaboration with Native Realty


Maxence Doytier

Fort Lauderdale, FL. – Twenty6North celebrates its first mural with South Florida’s leading real-estate brokerage firm, Native Realty.

In just 3 years, Twenty6North has become the leading agent in South Florida’s growing public art scene. The agency is best known for connecting local business owners and developers to the legendary artists of their community. Recently, the company curated “Deluge of Abundance” the iconic Las Olas collaboration with the Businesses of the Arts of Broward and “Where the Panthers Play”, a FTL Chamber of Commerce donation to the Florida Panthers.

In the Spring of 2021, Twenty6North linked up with Jamie Sturgis, CEO and founder of Native Realty. Sturgis has played a major role in redeveloping the emerging neighborhoods of Fort Lauderdale. He has recently completed more than 2,000,000 square feet in transactions and has set property sale pricing records in Flagler Village. Native Realty and Twenty6North unveiled their first collaborative mural, “Another Day In Paradise””, this summer at Sturgis’s new office building located at the iconic Gateway Plaza.

Muralists Jeffery Noble and Allison Matherly, a husband-and-wife duo known as their artist’s name, “We Are Nice N’ Easy,” designed the memorable landmark as a constant reminder of Florida’s mythical history as a place of beauty and bliss.

“As Florida natives we have a deep connection to the special place Florida occupies in the subtropics. Drawing from Florida’s mythical history as a paradise, home to the fountain of youth and the meaning of La Florida: “covered with flowers;” we composed a pattern of bird of paradise flowers, leaves and palm fronds in a dynamic and layered mural. The lush foliage, bold colors and chic design sensibility all relate to various facets of daily life in South Florida. We hope this mural serves as a landmark for the community and a constant reminder that any day in Florida is another day in paradise,” stated by Jeff and Allison.

The mural is a happy addition to Native Realty’s colorful portfolio and highlights Jaime’s continuous support to the public arts.

“Our piece was inspired by the notion of a concrete jungle, with flora and fauna seamlessly blending into the urban environment. Public art has been a pivotal component of our efforts to curate emerging Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods and create identities for these places, such as Hive and Flagler Uptown in Flagler Village, the Imagine building and many others,” explains Jaime Sturgis.

Curator of Twenty6North, Maxence Doytier, is happy to continue his partnership with Jaime as South Florida flourishes with new developments on the rise. “I value Jamie’s leadership in redefining the relationship between urban real-estate and art.  His devoted support to the local artists of our community is what makes him shine the brightest.”

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