Featuring over 22,000 individually hand placed Swarovski crystals on each piece, these limited edition skateboards are eye-catching with their camouflage designs and 18-carat gold finishings

Vigo, 9th March 2022 – Marble, 18-carat gold and thousands of Swarovski Crystals. These are the materials that the new and upcoming Spanish brand, No More Essentials, has chosen to launch their exclusive skateboard collection. No More Essentials has done so through two decorative collections inspired by streetstyle and linked to the skate culture: three unique skateboards made from black, grey and pink marble, with laser-engraved details; and other three pieces made from Canadian maple wood with a camouflage pattern, hand-covered with more than 22,000 Swarovski crystals and finished with 18- carat gold pieces. The six skateboards that make up the two collections have been entirely handcrafted by expert artisans in Europe and are sold all together or separately. These works of art are unique and unrepeatable, limited to one piece per design, and include both a certificate of authenticity of the materials and a limited edition certificate.

No More Essentials complements its offer of unique, innovative, handmade products, made with the finest raw materials and for very demanding customers, with a wide range of both jewelry and technology accessories. Some of the most striking products in this section are those made from crocodile and python leather certified as responsibly sourced. These include iPhone cases, magnetic iPhone card holders, magnetic wallets and face masks, all of them featuring the brand’s logo in 18-carat white or yellow gold with diamonds. The brand has an extensive jewelry catalogue where lace tags stand out.

These pieces aim is to bring the most exquisite and exclusive jewelry to shoelaces. They are available in white or yellow gold, with different finishes, diamonds among them. Within its jewelry category, No More Essentials offers earrings, bracelets, and necklaces designed to suit every woman. Also bangles for men in white gold with white, black and sapphire diamonds. The motto of the brand is to create unique, limited edition jewelry, accessories and decorative pieces. All of them go hand in hand with certificates of authenticity and are aimed at the most exclusive customers.

No More Essentials always pursues the highest quality as the basis of any design and offers, as a complement to this exclusivity, a complete customisation of each of the pieces according to the consumers’ taste. This feeling of exclusivity translates into an excellent customer service and a true brand experience. All the products are sent in a careful packaging, fully customised and faithful to the philosophy of the brand.

Its packaging, shipping and products care turn the purchase of a No More Essentials product into an unforgettable experience. No More Essentials was created in Spain by Javier Martínez who is inspired by street art and high-end design. Through his own extensive experience in the jewelry and fashion industries, his desire to create his own brand was finally realised. The brand offers handcrafted, limited edition pieces with the aim of making customers feel special by owning something entirely unique to them in a world where items are copied and mass-produced. For further information please contact:

Pedro Sánchez Goberna Mobile: +34 652 40 55 11 |