Noisy Gallery Presents: ABS Abstract

Written by T.K. Mills

On Friday, September 15th, Noisy Gallery will presenting a group show, ‘Abs Attract (Abstract)’ at The Living Gallery in Bushwick. UP Magazine sent their team a few questions to learn more about the project.

UP: What inspired you to curate this show? Was there a theme or a direction you gave the artists?

The inspiration for this show is to show how abstraction can be contained within forms.  The artists use shapes, forms and colors to convey messages that forgo a narrative foundation.  Even if there are objects being painted, through facts such as composition and repetition, they are rendered to their basic shape and color.  We gravitate towards showing artists that use bold color and pop undertones.  Abstract is such a broad term so exploring how each artist approaches it gave us a variety of ideas for the group show.

UP: When did Noisy Gallery start, and what is the mission of Noisy Gallery?

We started Noisy Gallery right after we graduated Pratt in 2022.  We don’t have a permanent space so we rent spaces for short times and do pop up shows.  The mission is to show emerging artists in New York City and encourage young people to start collecting and supporting artists that would be of greatest benefit for their involvement.

UP: How did you get involved in the art community?

Going to Pratt you are thrown into the art community, which is so great in New York City.  At the gallery we are creating our own community by showing a roster of artists and pushing them consistently.

UP: What made you want to host the show at The Living Gallery?

The Living Gallery has a great reputation in Bushwick and has a nice flow to the space.  The outdoor space is a plus as we are going to have music as well.  It’s also great to get involved with the larger community and branch out from people we know to the general public.

UP: What are your hopes for the show?

Sell some work!  Also getting people introduced to one another and starting conversations about the artist’s work.  Even if people don’t purchase work now, we still want them coming back for future shows and showing up is still supporting the artist.

UP: What are some future aspirations for Noisy Gallery?

We plan on doing more shows and finding a location where we can consistently show.  We want to expand our roster of artists and come up with new and creative ways to engage people.