Nuart 2024: Living Heritage

Written by Sage Helene

Nuart Aberdeen & Nuart Plus have become a significant event in the world of street art discourse. Nuart Aberdeen welcomes an international cast of highly acclaimed street artists to Aberdeen, including Case Maclaim, Cbloxx, HERA, KMG, Mahn Kloix, Millo, Molly Hankinson, Niels “Shoe” Meulman, and Wasted Rita for this year’s theme, ‘Living Heritage.’ Using the city walls and streets as their canvas, artists produce breathtaking works which range from super-sized murals to smaller hidden gems.

Art by Case Maclaim / Photo by @ClarkeJossPhotography

Alongside the physical art production, an exciting program of events will explore and present issues surrounding contemporary street art practice in all its guises. The Nuart Street Art Conference features contributions from some of the world’s leading street artists alongside academics, authors, researchers, curators, producers, writers and other cultural-sector professionals who are dedicated to exploring issues surrounding new forms of art and activity in public space.

Art by LMG / Photo by Brian Tallman

This year the festival kicked off on June 6 and will conclude on June 9. With the aim to explore and present issues surrounding contemporary street art practice in all its forms, this upcoming festival is sure to entertain and educate audiences across various projects and programs.

Art by Cbloxx / Photo by @ClarkeJossPhotography

This festival will include artist presentations, panel discussions, and debates throughout the 3-day weekend. Focusing on a theme of “Living Heritage”, Nuart Aberdeen 2024 seeks to highlight the importance of preserving and celebrating intangible cultural heritage in a rapidly changing world. This concept refers to the dynamic and continuously evolving side of cultural heritage, which is transformed, interpreted, and transmitted from generation to generation. It encompasses cultural practices, representations, knowledge, and skills transmitted intergenerationally within a cultural system.

Art by Hera / Photo by @ClarkeJossPhotography

On the first day, attendees will attend insightful presentations from speakers Dr. Erik Hannerz from Lund University, Dr. Enrico Bonadio from City, University of London, and Professor Ilaria Hoppe from Catholic Private University, Linz. Dr. Bonadio will discuss the preservation of street art under heritage law, while Dr. Hannerz will explore the concept of ‘fame’ in graffiti as a form of intangible cultural heritage. Professor Hoppe will shed light on the notion of ‘bad street art’ as an everyday form of heritage. The day will conclude with a panel discussion on strategies for safeguarding street art, featuring experts from renowned institutions such as STRAAT Museum and Street Art Cities.

Art by Mahn Kloix / Photo by @ClarkeJossPhotography

On the second day, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with festival artists and explore their work. The day will commence with a discussion on the history of flyposting and its intersection with street art’s own history of the paste-up, led by Adrian Burnham and Tim Horrox of Build Hollywood. Additionally, artists, including Professor Bahia Shehab and Addam Yekutieli, will share their insights and inspirations.

Art by Molly Hankinson / Photo by @conorgaultphotography

The day will also feature the first tours of the art produced for this year’s festival, offering attendees a firsthand experience of the vibrant street art scene in Aberdeen. The conference will culminate in a panel discussion where festival artists will share their perspectives and creative processes. These festival artists, all coming from different corners of the world include Case Maclaim, Cbloxx, HERA [UP Article], KMG, Mahn Kloix, Millo, Molly Hankinson [UP Article], Niels “Shoe” Meulman, and Wasted Rita. These artists bring with them diverse perspectives, styles, and techniques, cultivating a rich and enthralling discussion throughout the duration of this festival.

Aberdeen prepares to immerse itself in the dynamic world of street art, celebrating the living heritage that defines its cultural identity.

Art by Wasted Rita / Photo by @ClarkeJossPhotography


Addam Yekutieli

Bahia Shehab

Case Maclaim




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Molly Hankinson

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Wasted Rita

Sage Helene is a writer and artist based in New York City. Having earned her MFA in photography from Rochester Institute of Technology, Helene brings a visual perspective to storytelling. With both her artwork and writing, Helene seeks to provoke thought and inspire dialogue. She currently writes for UP Magazine.
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