Press Release: NUART ABERDEEN 2023


In addition to creating works on the streets of Aberdeen, Nuart Aberdeen is hosting Nuart Plus – an umbrella term for our other activities. It consists of an international research program, Nuart Journal, which is a peer-reviewed academic journal about art in the street in its broadest sense, and an academic conference with artist presentations, panel debates, film screenings and more. Nuart Plus is made up of contributions from the world’s leading street artists alongside academics, authors, researchers, curators, producers, writers and other cultural-sector professionals exploring issues surrounding new forms of art and activity in public space. Below you’ll find an overview of some of this year’s festival programme highlights. The events are in chronological order and include direct links to all the promo material for each event that you can download. Also below is an updated list of Instagram contacts for all artists, speakers and guests. For the full programme please visit our website.

1. NUART PLUS KICK-OFF Night at the Museum: Carlo McCormick in conversation with Swoon We start on Thursday with the UK premiere of Swoon’s stop-motion film “Cicada”. Caledonia Curry, aka Swoon, is a Brooklyn-based artist and the first woman to gain large-scale recognition in the male-dominated world of street art. Carlo McCormick is a leading critic and curator within urban art and is particularly well-known for his involvement with the famous downtown NYC scene of the 70s and 80s.

2. NUART PLUS STREET ART CONFERENCE DAY 1: TRESPASS: REWILD  Friday morning kicks off this year’s conference with the launch of the seventh issue of Nuart Journal ( The full program can be viewed here.

3. FIGHT CLUB aka the Pub Debate The pub debate is always a highlight, where two teams debate a hot topic in street art culture. There will be drinks, there will be arguments, and there will be a winner. This years topic “Is Professionalisation killing art/streetart/graffiti”. You the audience get to decide. 4.

NUART PLUS STREET ART CONFERENCE DAY 2: REWILDING THE CITY  Day two of the conference begins with Jamie Reid (of Sex Pistols fame) and gallerist John Marchant in conversation. The full program can be viewed here

5. SATURDAY JUNE 10 8PM: SPIN Keynote Speech: Carlo McCormick “City Life & Our Urban Nature” Esteemed cultural critic Carlo McCormick will offer his concluding thoughts on the theme of REWILDING – with McCormick’s usual digressive entertainments of visual accumulation – in this case cockroaches, pigeons and rats in art.

CLOSING PARTY: F*CK ART, LET’S DANCE  Our official kick-out party is a tradition that marks the end of this year’s Nuart Aberdeen. Nuart’s Martyn Reed on the decks with whoever he can find to join him. It’s rumoured Carlo McCormick will be warming up with a talk.

6. STREET ART WALKING TOURS  Free and open to all, the popular street art tours are the best way to discover new and old works created for Nuart Aberdeen.

7. CHALK DON’T CHALK – This is the third time Nuart Aberdeen has hosted the event, and this year’s installation will be larger and more ambitious than ever. Led by street artist KMG, the goal is to create one of the biggest chalk murals in the world. It’s free to attend, and we’re expecting thousands of kids to join us chalking the stone floors on Marischal Square.

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AIDA WILDE (IR/UK) @aida_wilde
ELOISE GILLOW (UK/ES) @eloisegillow
ESCIF (ES) @escif
JAMIE REID (UK) @jamie_reid_archive
KMG (SC) @kmgyeah
MANOLO MESA (ES) @manolo_mesa
MURMURE (FR) @murmurestreet
NESPOON (PL) @nes.nespoon
SNIK (UK) @snikarts
STANLEY DONWOOD (UK) @stanleydonwood
SWOON (US) @swoonhq
TAMARA ALVES (PT) @tamara_aalves
THIAGO MAZZA (BR) @mazzolandia


BJØRN VAN POUCKE (BE) @bjornvanpoucke
CARLO MCCORMICK (US) @carlomccormickick
CHARLOTTE PYATT (UK) @charlotte_pyatt
DR. ERIK HANNERZ (SE) @erikhannerz
EVAN PRICCO (US) @epricco | @juxtapozmag
GIULIA BLOCAL (IT) @street_art_city_guides
HANNAH JUDAH (UK) @hannah_judah
HARRIET RICHARDSON (UK) @hatsrichardson J
KADRI LIND (EE) @un_und | @stencibility
SIRLA (EE) @theoriginalglitterprincess | @stencibility
STEPHEN ELLCOCK (UK) @stephenellcock
STUART HOLDSWORTH (UK) @inspiringcity
T.K. MILLS (US) @t.k.m85 | @up__mag
TIM MARSCHANG (BE) @streetartcities