“A VERY PJ NEU YRK SHOW” is a special NYC themed solo exhibition by New York City’s own Zero Productivity (ZRO PRO). BeerCanvas will be hosting this show, which opens on February 26th, 100% virtually via

Hatched in ’08. PJ is an anthropomorphized pigeon who is young at heart and loves getting into shenanigans. PJ can be found in all corners of the big apple, spreading his positive and humorous messages across the city. PJ’s aim has always been to represent the common city dweller, and this solo show puts PJ in just about every New Yorker’s shoes.

One of the driving concepts behind the show is that each piece tells its own unique story. Anyone who’s ever been to New York knows that each person has a unique experience and relationship with the city. And while each person has their own connection to the city, it is the collection of all of these stories and adventures that together make NYC so great! This show aims to zoom in on each piece’s special individual story, while showcasing a holistic vision of the big apple as a complete collection.

There are 15 original pieces of art by ZRO PRO in this collection, ranging from 6″x6″x1.5″ to 21″x17″x1.5″. The pieces include paintings on wooden cradles as well as framed mixed medium artwork, providing art enthusiasts with an opportunity to add unique original pieces to their collections.

To ring in NYC Beer Week – which celebrates craft breweries in the city – each piece purchased will come with a limited edition ZRO PRO beer glass from BeerCanvas and a free ZRO PRO beer called “Coup Kid” from the art show’s sponsor, Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co.