Press Release: 21 Faces - A Solo Show by Individual Activist

Event Location:

One Art Space,  23 Warren Street, TriBeCa, NY 10007

Thursday, April 25

Opening Reception, 6pm-9pm

Friday, April 26

Gallery Hours, 1pm-6pm

Saturday, April 27

Gallery Hours, 1pm-6pm

Artist Talk, 3pm-4pm


For more information contact:

Rachael N. Clark                                           Dan Giella

Queen of Hearts Global                             One Art Space

(812) 360-7828                                            (646) 559-0535                  

For Immediate Release

One Art Space and Queen of Hearts Global invite you to the opening reception of 21 Faces, Thursday, April 25th, 2024, from 6-9pm. The debut solo show of NYC-based artist individualactivist, the exhibit is about finding resilience in tragedy. 21 Faces came to life in the wake of Uvalde, when individualactivist felt compelled to call attention to the heart wrenching reality the nation’s children bear a constant burden of fear. Featuring 21 original works on canvas depicting vibrant, beautiful children, the artist carefully illustrates how the epidemic of school violence does not see color, age or gender. Underlying the works is the discussion point: are Americans brave enough to make the changes necessary to cure this epidemic? While the subject matter is heavy, the faces are warm and bright as the artist calls upon the audience to focus on the children and celebrate the promise of their future. To honor the nation’s children, individualactivist will be donating two original works of art to the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement.  Learn more about the organization by visiting their website:

About the Artist: individualactivist leverages a successful career in International Store Design and Visual Merchandising to communicate important messages boldly–melding creativity with dedication to activism. “My physical art endeavors began when I created art for the streets in order to draw attention to the disappearance and detention of my friend, and hero, artist Ai Wei Wei. I believe all artists are by nature activists. Many use their work to stand up and speak out, highlighting the state of the world through their art. While I don’t think much about the art but focus on the cause I am trying to bring to light.” Through the #AiWeiWeimissing campaign, individualactivist quickly learned that when an important cause needs attention, the streets are an excellent way to reach many people; everyone is an #individualactivist we can all make this world a better place.

About One Art Space: The 1600-square foot venue is dedicated to the promotion of international and domestic contemporary art,  celebrating established figures as well as introducing new artists to enrich the New York’s art community. Art deserves to be seen.


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