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ATLANTA, GA (February 2021) Atlanta Community Food Bank is one of the nation’s largest hunger relief organizations, serving 29 counties in Georgia and helping more than 864,000 people get healthy food every year. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic an average of 30,000 volunteers, including students, corporate partners, donors and more, frequented the Food Bank’s warehouse and meeting spaces each year.

In early 2020 the Food Bank moved into a newly built facility in East Point, Georgia to meet the growing demand of food insecurity in metro Atlanta and north Georgia. In finalizing the building plans, the Food Bank’s environmental design committee wanted to connect visitors with the scale and challenges of food insecurity, as well as the many ways the Food Bank is working to solve hunger. With this in mind, the Food Bank opted to create photo-worthy areas in it’s public spaces with graphics and original art by local artists.

“Although hunger is a serious topic, we wanted to ensure that our visitors have memorable, and fun experiences while they are at Atlanta Community Food Bank helping their community,” said Kyle Waide, President and CEO of Atlanta Community Food Bank. “We are closed to the public right now due to the pandemic, but we can’t wait to see our visitor’s reactions when they see these pieces in person.”

Located in the lobby of the Food Bank visitors will be greeted by a picture perfect Tiny Door. Tiny Doors ATL is an Atlanta-based art project bringing big wonder to tiny spaces. The truly tiny, 7-inch doors are sculptures created by artist Karen Anderson Singer, and they are designed to reflect the spirit, architecture, and other unique elements of the surrounding community. The Food Bank’s unique Tiny Door was inspired by the millions of pounds of fruit and vegetables that are distributed every year. The one-of-a-kind door features three dimensional fruits, and also displays the Food Bank’s symbolic “power peach” front and center.

“It’s not every day that you find a food bank imaginative enough to prioritize local art! It was an honor to work with Atlanta Community Food Bank,” said Karen Anderson Singer, Founding Director and Principal Artist of Tiny Doors ATL. “I was surprised and delighted to learn that such a large percentage of the food they distribute to the community is fresh fruits and vegetables. “This tiny door is inspired by the fresh and healthy food that they distribute to our community”

The Food Bank also features a large custom mural created by local Atlanta-based artist, Fabian. Fabian’s mural, done completely in aerosol, is a main focal point located inside of the warehouse. The mural features a bright color palette, a quote by civil rights movement icon John Lewis, and spans two walls that soar roughly 30 feet high. The mural portrays the essence of food banking from food cultivation and donation to the dinner table. The aim of the mural is to portray the spirit of giving and community.

“This mural is a depiction of what the good people at the Atlanta Community Food Bank do for Atlanta,” said Fabian. “Harvesting and transporting crops, creating relationships and partnerships in the community, processing and distributing food donations to families- it’s a diagram of the giving spirit.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Atlanta Community Food Bank is closed to the public until further notice. To keep up with the Food Bank’s latest news visit their website at


About the Atlanta Community Food Bank

The Atlanta Community Food Bank works to end hunger with the food, people and big ideas needed to ensure our neighbors have the nourishment to lead healthy and productive lives. Far too many people in our own community experience hunger every day, including children, seniors and working families. Through more than 700 nonprofit partners, we help more than 864,000 people get healthy food every year. Our goal is that all hungry people across metro Atlanta and North Georgia will have access to the nutritious meals they need when they need them. It takes the power of our whole community to make that possible. Join us at