Press Release: Blind Walls Film Fest

Blind Walls Film Fest announces unique and international program

Blind Walls Film Fest returns on December 8, 9 and 10 at Chassé Cinema and focuses entirely on the world behind murals, street art and graffiti. With a wide range of films, Q&As and masterclasses, the film festival from Breda makes the social impact of street art visible and debunks prevailing prejudices.

During this weekend the focus lies on the world behind street art and the impact of murals and graffiti on a city. With the screening of several films, Q&A with filmmakers and artists and talks by experts, Blind Walls Film Fest takes the audience into the world behind the art form. Where does the phenomenon come from, who are its creators and what is the impact on the environment? These questions are explored from different perspectives in the films shown.

Worldwide diversity
The program shows that murals, street art and graffiti have a significant social impact worldwide. The street art scene is certainly no longer a man’s world as many people might expect. The film ‘Behind the Wall’, about Amsterdam street art artist Judith de Leeuw (JDL), is screening on Saturday. Director Deborah Faraone Mennella followed Judith for one year during her life in the Netherlands and during the creation process of the mural ‘Love is Stronger Than Death’ in the Italian city of Taranto. In a spectacular way, you will see how the 30-meter mural is created. After the film screening, both Judith and Deborah are present for a Q&A.

The Czech film ‘Girl Power’ is a documentary about women who dedicate their lives to the graffiti subculture. This fascinating travelogue offers a new perspective on a phenomenon usually characterized as vandalism. The film shows that graffiti can be a way of life.

“The Blind Walls Film Fest is way more than just films; it also hosts masterclasses, talks and exhibitions. The offerings appeal to anyone interested in the world behind murals.”

Dennis Elbers, director Blind Walls Gallery

Stickers, art in slums and shorts

The American documentary ‘Sticker Movie’ answers the question “Who decorates lampposts, street signs and mailboxes with stickers?” and more importantly…. “Why?” Sticker Movie is a film about sticker art and the culture behind it, and is narrated by street artists, photographers, dealers and collectors. It celebrates the nostalgia, thoughtfulness, and intensity of sticker art and the sticker enthusiasts, who will never let the culture die.

‘Painting Dhaka’ is about an art project in the slums of Bangladesh and addresses the question: How corrupt is our view of a corrupt country? This gripping film takes the viewer in different ways to one of the poorest areas in the world: the slums of Dhaka in the capital of Bangladesh. Painting Dhaka will be screened in the Netherlands for the first time during Film Fest, with a special festival opening by Dutch artists Thomas & Jurgen beforehand.

On Sunday, the festival features a couple of short films about graffiti, street art and other urban art. You’ll see a short documentary about the artist Keith Haring and a film about a graffiti crew in Greece. These films were submitted by makers worldwide, who – along other films during the weekend – stand a chance of winning one of the three awards. These will be awarded by a jury on Sunday.

Guest of honor
The Ukrainian filmmaker collective MZM Projects is guest of honor at the second Blind Walls Film Festival. They have been making documentaries since 2015 about graffiti, artists and urban art festivals. These films did not go unnoticed by leading online media such as Juxtapoz and various international film festivals. Their documentaries about world famous festivals such as NuArt and Bien Urbain are visual essays about artists and organizers. This provides a fascinating and in-depth insight into the practice of urban art.

Kristina Borhes of MZM Projects shares her practice as a researcher and documentary director within urban culture in an interesting talk. Her film ‘Juste ici et pas ailleurs’ will be shown on Sunday, with a Q&A afterwards.

About Blind Walls Gallery

Since 2015, Blind Walls Gallery creates murals in collaboration with artists, the municipality, housing, residents, developers and businesses. Both national and international artists create murals inspired by the city’s past, present and future. The aim is to improve the city’s appearance and let people discover the numerous (hidden) stories that Breda has to offer. The combination of street art and cultural heritage makes Blind Walls Gallery accessible to Breda residents, tourists and street art enthusiasts.

About Chassé Theater and Cinema
The Chassé Theater is the largest (film) theater in the south of the Netherlands and receives over 350,000 visitors annually. The special eye-catching building in the center of Breda offers space for no less than three theater and movie theaters and two restaurants. With its broad theater and film offerings, both national and international, Chassé has been inspiring every guest for 26 years.