Press Release: “Dear Dad, ” exhibition by Luke Jackson opens on May 15th

Exploring Love and Loss, gestural artist Luke Jackson’s solo show “Dear Dad, ” opens on May 15th at 6 PM at 48 Dobbin St (2nd floor), Brooklyn, NY.

“Dear Dad, ” is an exhibition that delves into the profound relationship between a son and his late father, exploring themes of memory, identity, and the passage of time. Luke reflects on his father’s enduring presence, despite his absence, using the metaphor of trees to convey the complexity of human existence. Navigating the intricacies of understanding his father’s life, he discovers a point of connection through artistic expression. With each artwork serving as a form of communion, the exhibition becomes an heartfelt exploration of love, loss, and the enduring power of creativity to bridge emotional distances. Through intimate reflections and gestural artworks, “Dear Dad, ” invites viewers to contemplate their own relationships and the ways in which art can serve as a vessel for healing and remembrance.

Luke Jackson is a Brooklyn-based visual artist, who obtained his BFA from the University of The West of England in Bristol, UK, where he also apprenticed under painter Terence Wilson Fletcher RA. His art seamlessly blurs the boundaries between abstraction and representation, weaving between figurative and gestural expressions. Beginning with a blind scribble, each creation evolves through a dynamic process, evoking diverse emotional and cognitive responses, devoid of fixed narratives. Luke aspires to nurture a fluid visual language, often crafting pieces to be appreciated from any viewpoint, thus transforming the viewer’s encounter. Inspired by childhood wonder, his work encourages viewers to explore endless interpretations, fostering a personal dialogue and inviting them to become co-creators of the art.

Join us for the opening reception of “Dear Dad, ” where Luke Jackson’s evocative artworks will be on display. The opening reception is complimentary. Please RSVP at to secure your spot.

Opening reception: Wednesday, May 15th | 6 – 9 PM ET


TBSP Studio (2nd floor)

48 Dobbin St

Brooklyn, NY 11222

Exhibition dates: Wednesday, May 15th – Monday, July 15th, 2024 

Viewing by appointment: Wednesday, May 16th – Monday, July 15th, 2024 

Contact for an appointment: 

Artist’s Instagram: @coolesthand


Media and Communications:

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