Press Release: Deck the Walls - A Showcase of 200+ skateboard decks by 97 Austin artists



Almost Real Things HQ // 820 Shelby Lane, #103, Austin, TX 78745
ArtUs Co // 10000 Research Blvd, #141, Austin, TX 78759


(AUSTIN, Texas) – Almost Real Things and ArtUs Co are proud to present Deck the Walls, a unique art exhibition of customized skateboard decks created by 97 Austin artists.

The exhibition features over 200 one-of-a-kind skateboard decks that will be on display across two local galleries. This diverse and visually stunning skateboard deck collection showcases the intersection of art and skate culture, highlighting the creativity and individuality of the 97 contributing artists.

Participating artists have created new decks available for purchase–for art enthusiasts and skateboard aficionados alike–to acquire one-of-a-kind pieces at various price points. Limited edition exhibition posters will also be available for purchase.

Deck the Walls also features the private collection of Richard Rees, a passionate supporter of Austin artists. “There are so many amazing artists here in Austin, I’m thrilled to be able to share their talent at these two galleries that support local artists. I discovered many of these artists at these galleries and through the ATX Urban Art book. I haven’t even scratched the surface of the amazing talent here.”

The opening receptions of Deck the Walls will take place on Friday, December 1st from 6-10pm at ArtUs Co (10000 Research Blvd, #141) and Saturday, December 2nd from 6-10pm at Almost Real Things HQ (820 Shelby Lane, #103, Austin, TX 78745). The receptions are free, open to the public and all ages are welcome. RSVP is encouraged. Attendees have the opportunity to view the entire collection by visiting both galleries, which are also curating their own experiences with DJs and performances.

Featured artists include:

Bill Tavis + Billy Jewkes + Billy Perkins + Bkay + BLVD + BOZA + Bradford Maxfield + Brianna Vance + BRITT + Candy Kuo + Cease One + Cindy Tobar + Daddy Otis + Daniel Adams + Dave Lowell + DEKO + Deloné + Drib + Dylan Y Quinn + Ed Booth + ER. + Erik Ross + Ernesto Hernandez + Ethan Azarian + Eye Dr + Fabian Rey + Federico Archuleta + Feebee + Felipe Gomez + FISH + Floyd Mendoza + Get Lost Collages + Gilbert Martinez + Goodluck Buddha + Griffin + Grim ATX + Hanasaurusrex + Hope Hummingbird + Imagine Art + Impossible Winterborne + Inkcolor + Ira Ralston + J Muzacz + James Prieto + Jamie Brindley + Jason Eatherly + Jay Babin + JIMINAI + Joe Gifford + John Rees + Juan Villegas + Katie Chance + Kimie Flores + KITTEH NOIR + Laced and Found + Lindsay Diehl + Lindsey Millikan + LOVE + Lucas Aoki + Lys Santamaria + Matthew Trujillo + Mez Data + Mike “Truth” Johnston + Mila Sketch + Millie + NEWS + Niz + Olivia Miller + OPTIMONYC + PASTE + Pauly M Everett + Pauly Picasso + Peelander Yellow + RabbitSnake + Red Moth + Remote One + Riktor + RISK + Rosemary Villegas + Sam Soper + Skele + SLEEP IS FAMOUS + sleepingandcreepin + Sloke One + SM4ACK + Snuk One + Soledad Fernandez-Whitechurch + SOMA + Squid + Tara Leigh Johnston + The Angry Cloud + Tim Kerr + TVheadATX + Uloang + Ulys Gold + Wiley Ross + Zuzu Deck the Walls will be on view in both galleries until December 16, 2023. Please contact each gallery for their hours or to make an appointment.

To request additional media coverage of Deck the Walls and the featured artists, please email Natalie
Earhart at

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Friday, December 1st at ArtUs Co from 6-10pm (10000 Research Blvd, #141)

Saturday, December 2nd at Almost Real Things HQ from 6-10pm (820 Shelby Lane, #103)