Press Release: Iron Horses Group Art Show

Iron Horses Group Art Show


Creative Agency/ Art Space 209 East 3rd St. NYC 10009

Friday, May 31, 2024

Opening Reception, 7pm-11pm

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Gallery Hours, 12pm- 4pm

For more information contact:

Frankie Velez 



IG: @artface7

Andrew Espino


1 Culture


IG: @1culture_

Frankie Velez and Andrew Espino invite you to the opening reception of “Iron Horses” Group Show. A Tribute To Legendary Subway & Freight  Writers, Friday May 31, 2024, 7pm – 11pm. Iron Horses highlights 6 talented graffiti writers from around the world who all share the same affinity – TRAINS.

Graffiti is an artist’s expression to tell their stories on walls and canvases, as well as freights and subway cars. Trains can travel from borough to borough and city to city to show their artwork to the world.  East Coast and West Coast graffiti historians have something in common, they both have similar dates when people were doing graffiti in their region. One thing everyone can agree on is NYC graffiti has left a substantial local, national, and international influence.

Featured artists:

King157 (San Jose)

Poem2 (Oakland)

Crime79 (Brooklyn)

Jaek  El Diablo (France)

Task One LOC ( Brooklyn)

Rats (Italy / Brooklyn)

Spinning: DJ Anamated

Curator/Gallerist Andrew Espino represents the Bay Area (San Jose).

Curator Frankie Velez represents New York City.

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Press Inquiries Contact:

Frankie Velez

Andrew Espino or