New York, NY (March 15, 2024) – LUME Studios, a leading experiential agency and studio based in TriBeCa, is pleased to present THE INDIVISIBLE ATOMO, the inaugural solo show of Venezuelan-American pop-surrealist artist Pedro J. Baez. The exhibition runs from March 15th – March 17th, and features his largest and most refined paintings to-date, along with limited-edition sculptures and digital works.

Baez explores tongue-in-cheek pop cultural character tropes as a launch pad for investigating concepts dealing in physics and philosophy through the central protagonist in the work, Atomo. Representing that which cannot be divided, Atomo exists somewhere between the physical world and subconscious mind as a vessel for exploration and discovery of unseen worlds.

“As the personification of an atom, Atomo embodies the matter which makes up the entirety of our reality but remains imperceptible in our human experience,” states Baez. “This character has become a way for me to explore worlds that can only be traversed through the subconscious mind, and bring the discoveries to life in paintings, sculptures, and other creative expressions.”

Each piece is created as an amalgamation of forms and styles, uniting in a symphony of controlled chaos. Surrealism, tongue-in-cheek pop art, street art and abstract expressionism come together as different instruments to attune the viewer to a similar state of Baez when the art was conceived.

Baez’s solo exhibition marks the first artist formally represented by LUME Studios. Over the past few years, LUME Studios has become the premiere destination for new media art exhibitions through it’s SUBJECTIVE programming, which is focused on curating group exhibitions and creating a cultural nexus for for the digital art and NFT community in TriBeCa’s burgeoning gallery district.

“Our exhibitions are ephemeral compared to the typical gallery, but our technological infrastructure allows us to display new media and multimedia artists’ work in unique and immersive exhibitions that leave a lasting impression,” explains Dotan Negrin, Founder and CEO of LUME Studios. “We are evolving our SUBJECTIVE programming to provide emerging artists with the resources and support to elevate their career to the next level. Our monthly happenings have become a meeting ground for the minds of contemporary art in Web3 and internet culture, and we are excited to further our dedication to the continuously evolving downtown scene through this exhibition.”

Baez’s paintings and limited-edition sculptures will be available at the exhibition, as well as an open edition NFT of his digital piece “The Traveler.” A full collection of Baez’s digital works will be available during NFT NYC where LUME Studios will host a week long exhibition and celebration of the NFT community, alongside world class artists and collaborators in the Web3 and digital art space.

For more information on Pedro Baez, please visit:

ABOUT PEDRO J. BAEZ: Pedro J. Baez is a Venezuelan-American artist creating his own lane of pop-surrealism across a variety of mediums ranging from painting, sculpture, digital drawing, 3D animation and tattooing. Born in Venezuela in 1989 and immigrating to the US in 1997, Baez’s journey from an immigrant child to an artist is underpinned by a deep curiosity and admiration for the diverse cultures that shape the world. His transition to a new country sparked an early interest in the history of art and the role of immigrants in crafting societies, which later evolved into a diverse exploration of artistic techniques and mediums as he moved to New York in 2012 to further his practice at Cooper Union. This exploration led Baez to adopt a scientific approach to art, seeking to understand how color and form can unite to convey complex ideas and emotions.

ABOUT LUME STUDIOS: LUME Studios is a leading experiential design studio and gallery located in TriBeCa, New York. Founded in 2016 by Dotan Negrin, LUME Studios serves as a hub for artists and creatives to connect, collaborate and showcase their work. Through the use of high end visual software, projection mapping, and spatial audio, the venue and creative services are tailored to enable our clients to tell visually dynamic and engaging stories that resonate with audiences. LUME Studios also produces experiences and commercials for global brands including Apple, JetBlue, Amazon, Adidas, Olay, and Bombay Sapphire, to name a few.


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