Press Release: “Merging with the Garden” exhibition will on display on May 25 – June 05 at Mriya Gallery

Rukh Art Hub Presents: "Merging with the Garden" – A Group Art Exhibition
May 25 – June 05 | | @rukharthub

New York, NY – Rukh Art Hub proudly announces the opening of "Merging with the Garden," a
captivating group art exhibition that will run from May 25 to June 04 at Mriya Gallery in Tribeca.
Curated by the talented Polina Kuznetsova, this exhibition brings together contemporary
artworks from emerging and established artists from Ukraine and the USA, exploring the
intricate themes of birth, death, and rebirth.

About the Exhibition: Merging with the Garden; offers a unique artistic journey, inviting visitors
to experience the metaphorical garden of life through the eyes of 20 diverse artists. This
collection embodies the essence of life's perpetual transformation, showcasing a vibrant array of
artworks that delve into the profound connection between humanity and nature.
Curator Polina Kuznetsova eloquently captures the exhibition’s theme: "When in a garden in
early spring, your senses heighten. In a moment of merging with the garden, the angst of your
demise retreats, and all that's left is an endless transformation cycle that reshapes the forms of
matter. Embracing the garden within, your senses heighten slightly, and here, in a place that
knows no good or evil, no ugliness or beauty, you can just be.

Featured Artists and Works:
Mykola Kolomiets: Known for his Love; series, Kolomiets uses a unique colored pencil
technique to create dreamlike narratives that blur the lines between reality and mysticism.
Alisa Konakhova: Her "Sinflower" series challenges conventional notions of sin and pleasure,
offering a fresh perspective on these archetypal themes.
Polina Verbitska: Bold anthropomorphic sculptures and graphics explore the transformative
journey of inner exploration.
Artem Humilevskyi: His "Roots" photo series, a part of the Ukrainian conceptual photography
school "MYTH," delves into identity, resilience, and human interrelationships during adversity.
Event Details:
Exhibition: “Merging with the Garden:
Dates: May 25 – June 05
Location: Mriya Gallery, 101 Reade St., Tribeca, New York, NY 10013
Hours: 12 PM – 7 PM