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Martyn Reed, Founder and Director of Nuart explains where the idea originated:

“It was born from my first trip to London from Leeds in the early 80’s. I was arriving at a run-down coach station which stunk of wee, broken lights and poverty. All my dreams of “London” were destroyed in 5 minutes. This stayed with me, and it’s only recently that cities are recognising that these areas can be important destinations themselves.

When you marry this to the statement from Banksy which is also an inspiration “if you genuinely want people to see your work, if you have something to say, the last place you should be putting your work, is in a gallery, no one goes to them”. With this in mind…”

… Nuart has just produced two projects, one at The Stavanger train station and the other at Sola International Airport. 

Along platform 1 at the Stavanger train station, a 100-meter-long mural from Hera from former international street art stars Herakut (DE) in association with Bane Nor. Platform 1 will be seen by 2,3 million people a year.

Secondly, at the arrivals and departure lounge, airside, at the Stavanger International Airport, Sola. A 40-meter x 10-meter wall that spans the length of the arrivals hall and is visible from the “sky bridge” as you pass through security. With support from Avinor. The Arrivals and Departure area will be seen by 3,6 million a year. It’s fair to say that it is slightly more than your average gallery audience.

IN Partnership with Avinor, Sola Airport  @avinor_offical  & @svgairport

ARTIST : Millo @_millo_

TITLE : Baggage Claim



Baggage Claim 

My life as you can imagine is made of travel, and airports are the place where each journey starts or ends. It could mean coming back home or going anywhere else, but each trip for me has been a way to enrich myself and I’m quite sure that travel is a way for everybody to enrich themselves.

I’ve imagined the luggage belt as a flux of experiences: on the belt there is no luggage, replaced instead with symbolic images of other countries. Some of them have been already processed by our experience, as is in the case of a return traveller, others are instead what we imagine of places that we haven’t visited yet.

In this way, the belt that is located in Norway with its own peculiarities, runs among the people without borders, unifying the world.



Italian artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino, known as Millo, paints large-scale murals that feature friendly inhabitants exploring their urban setting. He uses simple black and white lines with dashes of colour when necessary, and often incorporates elements of architecture into his multi-story paintings.” C. Jobson, Colossal.  In the last decade Millo has focused on the production of large-scale mural artworks that had brought him to paint all over the world. He has taken part in several street art festivals, non-governmental events and international social projects all over the globe.

Millo’s mural artworks are now visible in: China, India, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Thailand, Palestine, Jordan, UK, Cyprus, Georgia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Russia, Belarus, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Brasil, Mexico, French Polynesia, Morocco, United States and in all the European countries. In addition to a production that boasts over 150 mural artworks scattered across all continents, his works on canvas have been exhibited in London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Seoul, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro. His works of art are also part of two permanent museums collections: Urban Nation Museum for Contemporary Art in Berlin, Germany and Straat Museum for street art and graffiti in Amsterdam, Netherlands.