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QoH Presents Edward Acosta at Rieval Opening 6/24

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Summer Art Event in the Lower East Side

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Edward Acosta at Rieval

Art Meets Fashion in NYC

We are thrilled to announce “Edward Acosta at Rieval”. This collaborative event at a stylish boutique in New York City’s Lower East Side visually highlights the symbiotic relationship between art and fashion, and their collective importance in every day life and culture.

Please join us for a casual opening reception from 6-9 p.m. on June 24th.

This event is especially poignant since our November project with Edward Acosta was shifted to digital due to the pandemic, so we are excited to see our friends and supporters in person.

Acosta will be on hand to discuss his work, and will be embellishing a limited number of prints with the opportunity for personalization.

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Limited Edition Prints

For this event we are releasing limited edition prints of pieces made for Café de la Reina. There will be ten prints each of “De La Reina” and “Spark From the Ashes” both created in November 2020, capturing the hope and optimism for what lay ahead.

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Spark From the Ashes T-Shirts


The bold design of “Spark From the Ashes” is a hallmark of Acosta’s work as a visual artist, and we are pleased to feature it on the very first t-shirt produced by Queen of Hearts. Working with screen printing and apparel has certainly been an exciting next step in the path of Queen of Hearts’ art journey, looking forward to what’s next!

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