MIAMI, FL — Sef01 Wins Mural Contest Memorializing Childhood Cancer Patient

In May 2024, Peruvian graffiti artist Roberto Seminario, widely known as SEF01, clinched the prestigious top prize in the “Art for the Fight of Childhood Cancer” mural contest. The event was hosted at Jane S. Roberts K-8 Center, located at 14850 Cottonwood Circle in Kendall, Florida.

Roberto’s winning mural, a poignant tribute to Emmanuel—a former student who valiantly battled cancer until late 2023—resonated deeply with the local community. Emmanuel’s spirit and journey were powerfully immortalized through Roberto’s artistic vision, serving as a beacon of hope and solidarity in the relentless fight against childhood cancer.

The profound impact of Roberto’s artwork did not go unnoticed. Recognizing the significance of his contribution, Miami-Dade County Public Schools proudly awarded him the first-place honor, celebrating his unwavering dedication to raising awareness and fostering unity through art.

This accolade highlights Roberto Seminario’s role in using his creative talents to inspire and mobilize communities, shining a light on the enduring struggle against childhood cancer. His mural not only commemorates a brave young soul but also champions the collective resolve to combat this devastating disease.

The mural can be found at 14850 Cottonwood Circle, Miami, FL, 33815.