Press Release: Stikman at WP Gallery

The artist behind Stikman has made a 30 year career about the human experience. Never taking things for granted; a comprehensive understanding of surroundings and always inquisitive. If you have been paying attention, Stikman is ubiquitous. Stikman started with a simple stick man and over the past 30 years the artist behind Stikman has given a voice to thousands of his creations. All of our voices in fact. Just like wandering through a city and finding these little Stikmen everywhere, one has to question why? Who put these there?… and why do I notice them now without even looking for them?
“This year long project was done in the manner of the project I did to mark 25 years in 2017. That year i did a series of 25 stikmen trapped in various enclosures and deployed repeatedly throughout the year. For the year 2022, I created a series of thirty figures that were wrapped and ecrusted in objects collected over the last thirty years. Images of these figures were installed over the course of this year throughout my range. To mark the completion of the project WP Gallery in Philadelphia will be showing 16 of these festooned pieces beginning December 10th.”
 – the artist behind Stikman
WP Gallery has had the unique opportunity to work with the artist for the past few years, producing limited edition laser cut-steel, powder-coated, hand-finished multiples. The public has spoken and the demand is high. Along with this success, and in celebration of 30 years of mass-communication, we are honored to present a stunning exhibition with an impressive new body of artwork from this legendary enigma.
Paintings, Prints, Sculptures, Altered Street SIgns and Installation plus the Energy he has created for 30 years will overtake 1611 Walnut Street for a month and a half.
Please join us in the celebration of 30 years on the streets, in the galleries, in homes and in every soul that looks around for the ambiguity in the world.
Opening Reception is Saturday, December 10th from 6:30-9pm.
*featuring: My Local BrewWorks special blend of SHADOW (Dark Beer) designed and brewed specifically for this event. Limited.