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Swoon "Cicada and Tymbal" Solo Exhibition at Superchief Gallery NFT

Contemporary Artist & Activist SWOON
“Cicada and Tymbal”
A solo exhibition of stop-motion animated videos and stills presented as NFTs.
Opening Reception: Saturday July 17th, 6-9PM
Exhibition on View through Thursday, July 22nd
56 East 11th Street | New York, NY 10003
Visiting Hours: Monday — Sunday, 12-6pm
Artist Credit: Swoon, Sofia and the Storm.
New York, NY – Superchief Gallery NFT proudly presents “Cicada and Tymbal”, a solo exhibition of stop-motion animated videos and stills that are available as NFTs by contemporary artist and activist Swoon, opening on Saturday, July 17th and on view through Thursday, July 22nd. This exhibition, which serves as Swoon’s debut solo outing with the gallery, takes the viewer on an immersive visual voyage into the artist’s personal history with works that intertwine images from memory and mythology to signify metamorphosis and healing.
The eastern United States is currently witnessing billions of cicadas are appearing in the biggest emergence event since 2004. The insects are part of a group called Brood X, which has been subterranean for 17 years. They have emerged to mate, with the males emitting a loud, buzzing drone, flexing a drum-like organ called a tymbal. The submergence and subsequent emergence of the cicada represent the personal transformation of the artist Swoon. Her film Cicada, stitched together from a series of stop-motion animated vignettes, takes the viewer on a journey from trauma and pain to metamorphosis and healing.
Swoon depicts vessels (houses, buildings, boats, and bodies) that contain the artist’s memories of childhood trauma stemming from a family environment marred by addiction and chaos. The vessels open, uncovering layers of unresolved trauma – airing out and exposing her wounds in the first step of her healing process. As these wounds are exposed, the “Tarantula Mother,” a signifier for the therapeutic process, pours out, transforming and rebuilding the artist into a more robust and resilient form.
Artist Credit: Swoon, Mask.
Caledonia Curry, known professionally as Swoon, credits New York and the creative process with saving her life. After a chaotic childhood in Florida, raised in an environment with parents in the throes of addiction, Swoon moved to New York to attend Pratt. Her fascination with the city led her to break into the male-dominated world of street art. She first gained attention for her large-scale, highly detailed works on the exterior walls of buildings. Over time, Swoon began to move her practice from exterior walls into the gallery with large-scale three-dimensional installations.
After confronting her trauma and learning more about the underlying issues that caused her parents to self-medicate, she chose to help others heal through her art and outreach and community-based projects. She works to help alleviate the suffering of other addicts, showing compassion and illuminating the tools to confront their trauma and begin the healing process.
Swoon’s imagery emanates the artist’s journey through the psychedelic therapy process in a style that recalls German expressionism. Her block printing reflects the work of Käthe Kollwitz. The lines are also reminiscent of Robbie Conal’s political portrait posters. Swoon names William Kentridge as a significant influence. He described his animation as the ideal medium to depict transformation. Swoon’s films breathe life into the imagery of her two-dimensional street art and massive three-dimensional installations.
Artist Credit: Swoon, Angel.
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