Press Release


RSVP: System51: Conscious Art & Design exhibition

Dordor Gallery located at 45 Irving Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11237

System51: Conscious Art & Design exhibition and workshops is a multidisciplinary approach to fine art, sculpture, video, and fashion design with emphasis on upcycling, recycling, and bio-fabrication with healthier prospects for our societies and environment in mind.

Nasty Krutova is a multimedia artist, fashion designer, and filmmaker, who constantly disrupts the society we live in and expresses it in her art.

Vera Blinova is a fashion and homeware designer, who performs circularity and transparency in design practice and sees the world as a unity, where all systems we live in are interconnected.

Sandro Nizharadze a.k.a Sanizha is a sculptor and metal artist, who materializes his dreams into art.

Come to the opening of the exhibition on Saturday 14th of August at 7:30 pm, the exhibition will end on 20th of August.