Press Release: The Image In The Street

The Image In The Street

Curated by : Ritu Cipy

Featuring : Chris RWK | Lisa Champ |  Michael Alan Alien | Al Diaz | Damon Johnson


APRIL 23rd to APRIL 29th, 2024

Opening Reception April 23rd, 6pm to 8pm

247 Elizabeth Street, E. Houston & Prince St., NY 10012, New York

Above : Michael Alan Alien, Shifted Thoughts, 2021.

The Image in the Street is a pop-up style art show showcasing artists based in New York City whose practices go beyond their studio doors. Hailing from the city that birthed urban art, these artists continue in the tradition of creating works in public spaces as well as fine art within their studios. They seamlessly facilitate an artistic practice moving from canvas to unprimed brick walls.  A practice that does not change with their choice of substrate and one that is well informed by the city they all call home. The Image in the Street alludes to the recognition and familiarity that seeing one of your favorite artists’ characters or murals gracing the walls brings to an individual.

Inspired differently these artists are quintessential New Yorkers whose works are identifiable and original. Chris RWK a contemporary artist whose signature robot character has been seen in his works throughout the world. With a keen eye for detail and a touch of humor, his artwork reflects the vibrancy and complexity of the human experience. Lisa Champ is a designer, illustrator and Creative Director whose linear focussed graphics and use of primary colors, complement the words chosen to be part of her images. Michael Alan a.k.a. Michael Alan Alien is an artist who is known for his progressive drawings, paintings and public art. With roots in the underground street art movement of the 80s/90s and punk music, his process of creation combines all three genres into a greater energetic whole. Al Diaz, whose career spans five decades, is an artist best known for being among the first generation of graffiti writers in the community and for co-creating the graffiti campaign SAMO© with Jean-Michel Basquiat in 1978. His works are a social commentary on the world around us. Damon Johnson’s works reference popular cultural figures painted over a myriad of publications including newspapers, signages and vintage comics potentially upturning the rigid templates of these publications as seen much like his upturned ice cream cone graffiti dripping over New York streets.


About the Curator

Ritu Cipy is originally from India and a recent graduate (with honors) of the Masters in Fine and Decorative Arts and Design program at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York. She also works as an independent curator and an artist. Having a strong affinity for Post Impressionism, Expressionism and public art, she hopes to continue working in the promotion and curation of contemporary art; bridging people across commonalities and curiosities.


Press Contact

Ritu Cipy

Sarah Lee