Press Release: The Living Artist$ Gallery Presents - SIGNS

The Living Artist$ Gallery Proudly Presents:

A Group Art Show

September 22, 2023 – September 29, 2023
@ The Mary Jane Shoppe

Williamsburg, Brooklyn: Wherever you look, signs are everywhere. Street signs, dollar signs,
zodiac signs, and those fleeting moments of premonition — IT’S A SIGN! Signs are our silent
companions, guiding and communicating with us in various forms.

“SIGNS” will spotlight the creative brilliance of today’s foremost street and local NYC artists
putting their creative spins on signs! You may have seen these names in the street, but now you
can see their works live including noted names such as Jesus Saves, Weird Society, Jim Tozzi,
Degrupo, and many more. From vibrant paints, inventive stickers, detailed stencils to
imaginative mini models, videos and animations, the show promises an artistic feast that caters
to all art fans and aficionados.

The Living Artists Gallery, an experimental pop-up initiative, is at the forefront of revitalizing
unused business spaces around the city, curating legal walls for street art and innovative art
showcases. This endeavor not only nurtures the community of living artists but also transforms
dormant spaces into vibrant art hubs, bringing a fresh wave of beautification and creativity to the

Don’t miss this opportunity: “SIGNS” opens at our current partner space, The Mary Jane
Shoppe on Friday, September 22, 2023, offering a week-long immersion till September 29.
The Mary Jane Shoppe is located at 232 Kent Ave, hours are Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm,
Friday and Saturday 11am-11pm.

For more insights and information please connect with us, The Living Artists Gallery at or follow us on Instagram at @thelivingartistsgallery.
This is your sign to explore and embrace the vibrant world of NYC street art. We look forward to
welcoming you!