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Lausanne, Vaud, CH – April 1st 2022 – Urbaneez, the 1st marketplace entirely dedicated to Graffiti and Street Art, pursues its ambition to become the prime destination for all Contemporary Urban Art lovers by launching its first collection of skateboards. Entitled “Street Boards” and available online from the first of April on the platform, the collection will be composed of 30 unique skateboards, hand-painted by 30 independent artists and which will be gradually promoted on social networks during the 30 days of April. And much more to come…!

Two movements fueled by the streets Street Art and Skateboarding have always been connected. From their creative and rebellious roots in the underground communities to a more mainstream reach, they have been able to appeal to all generations. And when they meet, the result is just brilliant! The skateboard deck reveals itself as an amazing creative medium for artists, a total different way of creating which nevertheless imposes some constraints due to its very particular shape.

Since the 2000’s and just like Street Art, Skate Art has known a real diversification, allowing it to reach as many amateurs of one or the other culture and becoming years after years a popular artistic medium for artists and art lovers. An exclusive collection curated by Urbaneez Tired of seeing skateboards printed by hundred and offered at an outrageous prices while being simple art reproductions, we wanted to launch a series of unique skateboards made in close collaboration with 30 authentic street artists of the urban scene.

This is thus 30 skateboards, hand-painted by 30 artists, which will be featured during 30 days in April. Whether they are made with spray paint, acrylics, stencils or laser engraving, each board is unique and there is only one copy. Each artist has his own style, so there will be a choice for everyone, from abstract to figurative, including calligraphy and wildstyle lettering…

Here are the main lines of the first collection entirely curated by Urbaneez and which celebrates Skate Art in an authentic way. Don’t wait any longer and choose yours! Press release Press release About Urbaneez Launched in October 2020, Urbaneez is positioned as the first marketplace entirely dedicated to Graffiti and Street Art, which is now commonly known as Urban Contemporary Art. Driven by passion, the platform aims to make urban art accessible to everyone through online sales, by giving an instant access to a specialized catalogue that highlight the beautiful diversity of this artistic movement. Thanks to its unique positioning, which combines artworks directly coming from the studios of talented independent artists and from the catalogue of renowned galleries, the platform has now more than 500 original artworks available for sale and nearly 100 authentic artists. Get in touch!

Grégory Slinn Founder & CEO:

List of the 30 participants:

AkteOne (DE), Arsen (FR), Asu (FR), Chase (US), CRBZ (CH), Cren (DE), Dante (ES), Emanuele Vittorioso (IT), Ërell (FR), Fasim (ES), Gomad (NL), Gum (FR), Homek (FR), Jazi (CH), JP Malot (FR), Le Cyklop (FR), Loodz (FR), L’Original (CH), Mimi The Clown (FR), Mister Pee (FR), Ollio (SE), One Truth (CH), Oré (FR), Remy Uno (FR), Sébastien Theys (BE), Snyder (DE), Tona (DE), Toncé (FR), Wesl (ES), Yosh (FR).