Press Release

Venezuela Art Fair: The Project that will expand Venezuelan Art

The Venezuela Art Fair is a project that seeks to honor the talent and creativity of several Venezuelan artists. It will take place from June 24 to June 26 of this year in One Art Space gallery in New York, USA, with free admission.

This event was created by Venezuelans for Venezuelans and the world and will be joined by 35 artists, as well as more than 40 virtual Venezuelan artists from across the world, from Austria to Portugal, Argentina, United Kingdom, and even China.

During this first edition, the Venezuela Art Fair will have both spaces online and offline to represent, promote and support the talent of several artists, with the purpose of creating a link between artists and collectors.

The person directing and producing this initiative is Alexandra Álvarez Medina who, with the help of the entire team of Venezuela Art Fair, transformed her desire to satisfy her ego with a “solo show” into an event that united Venezuelans across the world through art.

“By synchronicities of the Universe and messages between the lines, I abandoned my ego to do something more ambitious: transform the “I” into “We” to gather, in record ,me, the largest amount of Venezuelan talent,” confessed Álvarez.

This reality was able to come to fruition after the first “Call for Venezuelan Artists,” launched on February 21. Soon after, this production began to include a group of people who made the Venezuela Art Fair possible, especially Alex Siniscalchi, Luis Acurero, Diana Rufus, Irene Yibirin, Luis Medina, Yhoana Prieto, Francieli Poleo, Luis Navas, Zulimar Mendoza, Reynaldo Castro, Daniel Galue, Yuri Uzcategui, Estephanie Silva, Rafael, and Roberto Ma`ey, Patafunk and Leandro Comrie.