Image by Alberto Rizzo.

Introducing the first blockchain-based platform focused exclusively on photographers and NFT-based work.

In conjunction with NFT.NYC Week

Wednesday November 3rd, 6-8PM
56 East 11th Street | New York, NY 10003

Join Founder/CEO Justin Aversano and the team to celebrate the launch of Quantum Art and the NFT drops for Anxious Pleasures by Amy Elkins, The Genesis Collection by Alberto Rizzo, and Privileged Mediocracy by Kris Graves. There will be drinks, music, and fun. Each collection will be on display throughout the evening.

No ticket needed! Come and go as you please, all are welcomed. Please give us an RSVP in our discord channel so we can plan accordingly.

Keep reading to learn more about this new organization and its exciting first round of NFT drops, launching during NFT.NYC


Quantum is the first on-chain platform focused solely on photographers and their work, by curating and dropping NFT collections, working to make NFT photography easily accessible for both artists and collectors.

At the start of 2021, just as NFTs began to boom, “Twin Flames” by Justin Aversano took off as one of the first NFT photo collections, marking a monumental moment in the history of photography. As the interest surrounding Twin Flames and the general NFT photography community grew, many of us saw the need for an NFT marketplace that focused entirely on photography. And that is when the concept of Quantum began to form, lead by CEO and founding team member, Justin Aversano.

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Quantum Drop #001 – Anxious Pleasures by Amy Elkins
(Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021 at 4pm GMT / noon ET / 9am PT)

More than any other photographic set to our knowledge, this collection of 377 self-portraits done in cyanotype tells the story of an individual’s journey through the COVID pandemic lockdown.

For 377 consecutive days, from the day the lockdown started until Elkins received her COVID vaccine, she took one self-portrait. The collection shows her whimsy, boredom, frustration, and courage – and reflects what many around the world have felt over the past year.

Quantum Drop #002 – Genesis Collection by Alberto Rizzo
(Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 at 4pm GMT / noon ET / 9am PT)

Alberto Rizzo was the most important and creative fashion photographer of the Mad Men era – his artful productions lent haute couture from the 1960s and ’70s its glamour. Rizzo’s photos have graced the covers and pages of almost every important fashion magazine, and his works are widely collected from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

Alberto Rizzo passed away in 2004 and this drop of 100 pieces was selected by the Rizzo family in concert with BeetsDAO to represent some of the best of his body of work. Each piece is a 1/1 NFT mint.

Quantum Drop #003 – Privileged Mediocracy by Kris Graves
(Thursday, November 4th, 2021 at 4pm GMT / noon ET / 9am PT)

Privileged Mediocrity, a new series by Kris Graves examines systemic unfairness in the United States. Using a mix of conceptual and documentary practices, Kris will photograph the subtleties of societal power and its impact on the built environment of America and the construction of public and private space. He will explore how racism, capitalism, and power have shaped our country — and how that can be seen and experienced in everyday life.

Kris Graves (b. 1982 New York, NY) is an artist and publisher based in New York and California. He received his BFA in Visual Arts from S.U.N.Y. Purchase College and has been published and exhibited globally, including Museum of Modern Art, New York; Getty Institute, Los Angeles; and National Portrait Gallery in London, England; among others. Permanent collections include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Getty Institute, Schomburg Center, Whitney Museum, Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Brooklyn Museum; and The Wedge Collection, Toronto; amongst others.

For press inquires, please contact:
Nathalie Levey, Color Brigade Media
(917) 648-3126


Superchief Gallery NFT is the world’s first physical gallery space dedicated exclusively to blockchain-based artwork.

Superchief Gallery was born out of the underground art scene of New York and is now as an independent artist-run gallery with permanent large scale warehouse locations in New York City, Downtown LA and Wynwood, Miami, founded in 2012 by Edward Zipco & Bill Dunleavy.

As a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary platform, Superchief Gallery has a near 10 year history of supporting artists from disparate scenes & collectives, enabling them to participate in the larger cultural movement and we are proud to act as an extension of the art landscape in its most raw and honest form.

Superchief Gallery has been working with digital artists since 2015 and when we saw that NFTs were enabling the artform of our generation to finally be accepted by the art world at large- as well as and more importantly, enabling Artist Royalties – we committed fully to this essential future by opening the world’s first physical NFT gallery.

Our goal is to show a new generation of art collectors how to properly evaluate and collect NFTs from both Digital Native & Traditional Artists as well as visually presenting how to live with NFTs as the newest part of their collection at home.

Superchief Gallery NFT is working alongside the hardware community at large to create the industry standard for the contemporary art world — presenting NFT artwork IRL as the artists intended it to be experienced.