Road to ARTELFEST: Los Angeles 2024

Written by T.K. Mills

This past May 2024, ARTELFEST hosted in their series of global art shows with ‘Road to ARTELFEST: Los Angeles.’ Their first west coast event, the event featured art by @oligarts @lifeofdeem @yungskaggs @karaneko_art @shine_giulia @iam5jh @Derin_Flowerwar @sonicblum @warnerjesse @Minhafofa @starphoenix_flow and @scaredcicada.

ARTEL, which stands for ‘Art Everyone Loves’ is led by Creative Director and Gallerist Rich Ramsay, whose vision for ARTEL FEST has grown since their initial launch in 2022. Their stated mission is to ‘create an inclusive community where artists of all types can come together and share their talents. With an emphasis on highlighting local artists and emerging talent, the ARTEL community offers a safe space for all to enjoy art, wherever the community comes together.”

Speaking on the event, Founder Rich Ramsay said “ARTELFEST Los Angeles was an amazing event! I’m incredibly grateful for everyone who came out and supported. Los Angeles showed us love, and we will be back very soon. We have a lot planned for this summer, including a block party in Williamsburg on June 15th, and a major exhibition in Chelsea on July 5th. Plus, we’re planning more events in Europe! This is a big year for us, and ARTELFEST, a lot of good things are on the horizon!”

In particular, Ramsay’s expressed excitement for the Williamsburg Block Party on June 15th, “It’s going to be lit! Our first major block party in the heart of Brooklyn. We’ve got an incredible roster of live painters and live musicians, representing a cross-section of creatives from across the city. Good vibes, that’s what ARTELFEST is all about.”

To stay in the know for future events, be sure to sign up for the mailing list, and submit your art at this link. And be sure to follow ARTELFEST on Instagram.

Check out the gallery below for more photos of the action from Road to ARTELFEST: Los Angeles Edition!


T.K. Mills is the Editor-in-Chief of UP Magazine, a street art publication based in New York City. After receiving a Master’s Degree in Global Affairs, he discovered a love for graffiti while backpacking through Cuba and pursued life as a writer. Outside of UP,  T.K. enjoys writing poetry, personal travel essays, and occasionally short stories. His work has been published in The Smart SetThe Vignette ReviewGenre Urban Arts, and Eternal Remedy among others. Beyond art, T.K. loves reading and traveling.