Press Release: Opening Night of the SHERO Art Show: Women's Power Amidst War

Opening Night of the SHERO Art Show: Women’s Power Amidst War

Shero VIP Private Viewing: Art Exhibition Thu. Feb. 15, at 6 p.m. Instagram

February 16-22 101 Reade st. Tribeca

2024 New York, NY 10013


Through February 16-22, 2024, at the stunning Mriya Gallery in TriBeCa, Rukh Art Hub will present a fresh and provocative SHERO art show—an exhibition celebrating the power and beauty of women. Featuring a selection of artworks by 27 contemporary Ukrainian artists with different backgrounds, SHERO aims to showcase the diversity and depth of the female experience, depicting it through different, sometimes conflicting angles. The show’s curators, Maria Manuylenko and Inna Pedan, have selected works in a variety of genres and techniques, masterfully fusing global contemporary trends with Ukrainian ethnic traditions.

The artists, predominantly female, featured in SHERO embody the essence of the show’s name. Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, many of them were forced to leave their homes and seek safety either abroad or in different regions of Ukraine. Some have chosen to stay and keep living close to the frontline. However, despite the horrors and hardships of war, each of them passionately continues to create art. For many, their craft became the primary means of expressing resistance in the face of the war. As the brutal Russian invasion continues to unfold, the theme of female resilience remains extremely important in Ukrainian art. Fueled by the strength and emotional power of Ukrainian women, the SHERO show serves as a marvelous testament to the beauty and bravery of women of all nationalities and backgrounds.

Each of the artists featured in SHERO has a fascinating background and a unique experience weaved into their works. Tata Kolesnik, a mother of two children and now a refugee in Germany, creates exquisite paintings that profess the power of women, delicately weaving traditional Ukrainian motifs into her masterful compositions influenced by the Italian Renaissance. Maria Kulikovska, a sculptor and activist-performer, has captivated audiences across Britain, Switzerland, Austria, and Norway. Originally from Crimea, she became a refugee from Russian invasion twice. Tetiana Malinovska is a true Shero in every sense: having participated in nearly 100 projects as both an artist and curator, including the Ukrainian pavilion

at the prestigious Venice Biennale in 2017, she also manages to be a loving mother to five children and a supportive wife to her successful artist husband.

About Rukh Art Hub

Rukh Art Hub is a contemporary art and community space, founded in 2023 by a team of exceptionally passionate Ukrainians, united during the full-scale Russian invasion to support Ukrainian resistance through art. Aimed to showcase the brilliance of the Ukrainian contemporary art scene and turn the attention of local audiences to important cultural and social themes, they host conceptual art shows and various cultural events, often collaborating with big charity organizations to raise funds to support Ukraine.

SHERO is organized with the support of Razom for Ukraine, a public association creating charity initiatives aimed at providing financial aid to wives and children of Ukrainian heroes who gave their lives defending Ukraine from Russian aggression.

Visit the SHERO exhibition by Rukh Art Hub through February 16-22, 2024 at 101 Reade St, Tribeca, New York, NY 10013 (Mriya Gallery). For more details, visit or Rukh Art Hub’s page on Instagram.