Shots of Italian Graffiti

Words & Photos by Grant Catton

In November 2023 I visited Sicily, various parts of southern Italy, and Rome. The urban areas, particularly Palermo and Rome, are awash in interesting street art and graffiti, which always comes as a shock for some reason. When I think of Italy I think of ancient history, cathedrals, and ruins. I never expect the cities to be covered in graf, but they are. It is this aggressive, immediate combination of ancient and modern that inspired these photos. For every picture shown here, I took at least a dozen more.

On long walks in Rome and Palermo I was able to follow the tags of a few graf writers such as ASK (Rome) and FAZE (Palermo), as well as observe the fans of rival soccer clubs A.S. Roma and S.S. Lazio engaged in a never-ending argument on the walls of Rome.

Grant Catton is a Pittsburgh-based visual artist working in acrylics, collage, and mixed-media sculpture. Instagram: @grantcatton Website: