Infographic: Anatomy of a New York Mailbox

Written by Alyona Uvarova

Editor’s Note: This infographic originally appeared in Alyona’s journalism class at New York University, but when she showed it to me, I thought it was such a cool idea that would resonate with UP readers. Alyona interviewed each artist, and the text bubbles are the artist’s words explaining their creative process and the origin of their stickers.

Through their answers to Alyona’s questions, you can see the symbiotic relationship between sticker artists — from direct connections like how Stained Napkins was inspired by My Life in Yellow to the fact that Santiago Villegas and Calicho Arevalo both use animals to express their feelings as immigrants from Latin America to New York. 

The graphic features work by Robert Blanco, Mort, Clown Soldier, Santiago Villegas, My Life in Yellow, C3 Girl, Ricky Sencíon, Mad Vaillan, Eyeantic,, DPAC, Stained Napkins, Vanessa Kreytak, J131, Question Marks, Jenniferpodisdead, Fluidtoons, and Calicho Arevalo. We hope you enjoy Alyona’s work as much as we did. – ER