SUPERPLASTIC Dazzles With Latest Drop: The Rainbow Red Chrome Drip UberJanky

Written by Sage Helene

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In the realm of art toys, each creation tells a unique story, capturing the imagination and spirit of its makers. In the bustling creative hub of Vermont, where artistry and innovation converge, SUPERPLASTIC once again dazzled the world with its newest creation: The Rainbow Red Chrome Drip UberJanky. As a vivid chapter in the ongoing saga of artistic innovation and style, Rainbow Red emerges just in time for Pride Month, standing as a vibrant celebration of diversity and color.

Rainbow Red is not just another art toy; it is a piece of art that is sure to brighten up any room with its gradient color and metallic shine. Standing tall at an impressive 15 inches, it dazzles with a mesmerizing rainbow ombre gradient that seamlessly blends a spectrum of colors. The metallic red electroplating adds a bold, reflective finish, making it an eye-catching centerpiece in any collection. This latest addition to SUPERPLASTIC’s esteemed lineup is a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and design. Brian Scotto, Chief Creative Office commented, “As with a lot of our product, it should be looked [at] thought of more as art, and less as a toy.”

The excitement surrounding the imminent debut of the Rainbow Red Chrome Drip UberJanky is palpable. Set to launch on June 13th at 2 PM EST, this limited-edition piece has collectors on the edge of their seats. The exclusive early access granted to the SuperFam on June 12th only heightens the anticipation, offering loyal fans a coveted first chance to secure this stunning art toy. “Collectors looking for an awesome new home accessory and a sculpture talking piece for the living room. It is an elevated spin on our standard Janky form.” Scotto remarked, referring to those who anticipate another great piece for their collection.

SUPERPLASTIC’s Chief Strategy Officer, Zack Sugarman, couldn’t contain his excitement. “Rainbow Red is more than just a color; it’s a tribute to the beauty and diversity of every hue in the spectrum.” Sugarman continued, “Also, Rainbows make people smile.”

The predecessor in the UberJanky Chrome Drip Series sold out in record time, leaving many enthusiasts eagerly awaiting their next opportunity. “The set is fairly gender neutral, ranging in colors (and moods) meant to elevate interior designs,” Scotto said referring to Rainbow Reds color and style, which is crafted to sound out and inspire. SUPERPLASTIC had always celebrated diversity and creativity, but this new release promises something extraordinary. Rainbow Red’s story is one of celebration and inclusion, embodying the joyous spirit of Pride Month. Rainbow Red’s color and style, meticulously crafted to stand out and inspire, is perfect for anyone who wants to elevate their interior space. As the release date approaches, collectors are buzzing with anticipation, ready to welcome this radiant new addition.

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